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Default Mount Brew via NE Ridge ( Lillooet ) Oct 1, 2020

It has been awhile since me and Mel had done a trip so we wanted to make it a good one. Ben had asked her if he could join and I've done some trips with Ben so that was fine and Mel sent Katie a message and before long we had a good group of 4. Everyone was all spread out around the lower mainland but we decided to just drive the sea to sky to get to the road. Enterprise FSR is in really good shape all the way to the end with minor small waterbars.

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Mel had tried Brew in early spring via the upper valley into the notch but turned back because of snow condtions and cornices. I had the route I wanted to take and it was the full NE ridge, Katie had done some research as well and when we parked we both figured the old that Alistar and the BCMC / North Shore hikers took would be our best bet even if the report on Clubtread had it being kinda a rugged trail to follow.

I knew a guy who had just went up to Brew the week before and asked him how bad bushwack on the trail was, his reply was zero. I couldn't believe it, but it was true. The trail was rebuilt, all the blowdown was cut, a footbed was dug in, bridges were made, and really nice log cutting work was put in. Later on I tried to find out who fixed it up and the rumour was the group of monks up in that area that climb mountains in the area. Katie and I have seen their names in a few registers over the last year.

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This was a huge bonus as we cruised up Enterprise creek and into the alpine. We could could see the col of where the NE ridge started but it was abit out of way so instead we saw a closer rock rib that would meet up with the NE ridge so Katie lead the way. Could tell she was pretty pumped on the day by the pace she was setting.
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When we crested the NE ridge the Fraser Canyon was blanketed in clouds which was a nice morning sight to witness. Alittle further along the ridge the wind was smashing us pretty good but luckily it was only in 1 section.

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Eventually we dropped about 100m and arrived at the notch. It looks bad and yes it's loose, but it was big blocky vertical steps that we all moved up with ease.
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From this point on, the ridge took shape. Most reports on Brew are snow covered. Drew mentions on bivouac how dangerous it would be to do this peak without snow cover. Yes it's shale, yes it's loose and yes it's steep but in all honesty it was a very fun ridge.
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We arrived at the crux step that the 1 clubtread report had us abit worried, these are some good mountaineers and the writeup made it sound quite sketchy, and Val the guy who was up 1 week earlier said it was very sketchy. We hauled a rope up just incase but it stayed in the pack. At the headwall right looked quite ugly, and to the left there was a nice scree ledge leading out onto the East face. I lead us out on the the wide scree ledge for a very short distance. I looked up and it was a series of class 3 ledges, class 3 ramps, and short short ribs of more solid rock. Everything was loose but it all felt quite safe because of being able to just follow ledges and ramps up. Working our way directly up the East face we were now back on the NE ridge and had bypassed the crux step. This route worked quite well.
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From this point on it's a nice mellow stroll to the football sized summit plateau where we spent a huge chunk of time kicking back taking in the sunshine and views.
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To get down we all just took our time keeping a low center of gravity and worked down the same ledges and then back onto the NE ridge. Mel is crazy fast on the down so she took off ahead, I decided to run the ridge to catch upto here while Katie and Ben hung out taking up the rear.

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I spotted a perfect Instagram spot for the girls to take their INSTA shots, I don't take myself too serious so of course I screw around when they want to take a photo of me in the same spot.
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We cruised down the trail back to the car and sat around drinking some beverages before making the long trek back home. This was a highlight trip of the year for sure for how smooth and fast it went with a strong group. Fun Fun trip.
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