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Default A fun day in north shore mountains

We were supposed to do "Bishop 3 peaks" so we started biking at the end of Lynn Valley Rd early in the day. Saw DANGER sign at LSCR trailhead. As I continued riding, wondering what new danger was coming to the mountains on this fine day, my buddy came from behind to stop me, saying the trail was closed due to the bear(the fine print I missed), which was a great relief to me as it wasn't a comet coming to hit the earth. So I said: "well if we don't want to see bears we'd have to stay off trails until next winter. Let's go?" He seemed to be convinced so our adventure continued- only for a minute or so. Then out of nowhere came a truck right in front of us...oops, we got turned back by the patrolling ranger.

Obviously neither of us had heard about the news on a black bear biting a girl the previous day.

Now we had to come up with an equally exciting new hike. Gorgeous Sunday would ensure crowds everywhere in North Shore, so I suggested this secluded Beauty peak with the route sounding like a riddle to me when I first read about it on CT. My buddy hadn't done it yet so off we went.

Parking was almost full near 9am; one'd imagine how busy it'd be on trails like GG/BCMC. And here we were, the lonely hikers walking mostly horizontal for the first few kms in this wild jungle:

After a few creek crossings, all bone dry except for the last one, the trail turned gradually vertical for a couple of kms. We enjoyed a handful of delicious huckleberries here & there (&left more for others & the animals):

Once out of the trees, we came into a boulder field with an iconic lone burnt tree, which would be a bit too revealing an image to post for all to see.

After hopping on & up the boulders & then back into the trees, the real adventure just began for the last couple of kms; you'd find yourself getting busy with your hands- grabbing a root here, a tree branch or a rock there, or a handful of vegetation - pretty much anything available to hold on to assist with the steep ascend on some tricky terrains. There were some technical moves that would make you feel like you were climbing something! If you were a shorter person like me, you'd even get free bonus upgrades from class 2 to 3 or 3 to 3+, as there might be that nice little hold just 1-2 inches away from you but your feet keep slipping as you struggle to reach it.

If you are doing this- it's bonus fun; the easy way is just a walk up to a narrow gully on the right(bottom right):

A bit of route finding was required at some points when more than one fainted footbed was presented. A wrong track or the one for animals would usually get you to a dead end or cliffed out. So just retrace your steps. Having the map in my head we didn't have trouble with it. At one point I followed my buddy up this gully & found something interesting- something more than I was comfortable to do (the rock behind him looked class4+ to me), & realized we went off as I remembered the right gully on left coming with a fixed rope. I wondered if anyone had ever gone up this way though:

The right gully with fixed ropes- thank you to whoever installed/maintained it; I'd not have made it without the help.

Summit views:

On our way out to this pointy peak known as Crown:

Atop of Crown- quite a few crowd here as it's really a cool place to chill out with amazing views. Looking back at the Beauty peak & the ridge we traversed:

Classic north shore mountains:

Got lucky to be left alone for about an hour after my buddy left (who booked the tram to ride it down while I decided to walk Skyline down) & soon the crowd all gone too. Had my early dinner at this gorgeous place as I brought too much food. Left it to the next two girls coming up to enjoy it all to themselves, as it'd only be fair

The traffic had completely died down in late afternoon on this popular Crown trail- met only a couple of guys on my way down. At the Chalet I bumped into an old friend who, after asking where I went, told me he just met my buddy near the base when they hiked in the opposite directions. Well I didn't know why but could certainly use a bit of moral boost for my last leg of descending near the end of a long day! It turned out he was left with no choice after arriving at 5:45 & learning that no ride was available for him until 9:00. So much for the tram pre-booking!

Didn't meet another soul after passing the Chalet. Tripped over bunches of small stones under my feet many times near end of Skyline but managed to stay in one piece. Great fun day!
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What a great plan B! I went up there solo a few years ago but turned around due to steepness. I will have to try it again sometime.

btw for the tram download pass the scanner is not checking the time, at least first thing in the morning. I'm still using my download pass I printed from July 14
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Good sense of TR.
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Hittin' the Trails
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Thanks Martin & John&Katie.
Yes definitely try it again Martin, it's really fun & no bugs up there as well
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See you so much love and having fun on the rocks.

Beautiful pictures of the scenergy to

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Hiking is what keeps you young of mind and heart. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..............
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