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Candy Sack 05-11-2020 12:59 AM

Mt Kelly May '20
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No, not that Mt. Kelly. This Mt Kelly, although roughly the same height as the one in Manning, is in the Bonnington Range between Fruitvale and Salmo. I think in the olden days it was called Beaver Mountain. It has a little neighbor beside it that Bivouac calls Kelly SE1. They are easily accessed from the Archibald FSR. In fact, an ATV/4x4 spur road goes to the top of SE1 and possibly Kelly too. I was hoping to drive to at least 4000ft up the spur road, but got stuck in snow at 3000ft during a shady stretch of Archibald FSR. After 20 mins we freed ourselves up, somehow drove a bit further until we could turn around, then started walking. I'm not a big fan of long hikes up logging roads, but up we went until there was enough snow to follow the creek to the pass instead of the switch-backing road. I found some sort of canned iced tea vodka drink in the snow on the road. Not usually my flavour but it went down smooth on top.

Anyway, from the pass both peaks are easily ascended. Both have structures on top. They aren't the biggest mountains, but views are panoramic, which I like.

Attachment 275608

Attachment 275610

Jesse looking toward the Nelson Range
Attachment 275612

looking out toward Old Glory (left)
Attachment 275616

Attachment 275618

Stott Pk
Attachment 275620

Mt Kelly from SE1
Attachment 275614

Attachment 275622

Stott Peak and Mt Abercrombie in Washington
Attachment 275624

zoom on Old Glory and Red Mtn Ski Hill
Attachment 275626

Some of the peaks around Kootenay Pass
Attachment 275628

Attachment 275638

Mt Kelly has a steep north face
Attachment 275630

Attachment 275632

Looking across at SE1
Attachment 275634

Erie Lake just west of Salmo. Whitewater Ski area far left.
Attachment 275636

Beautiful day. Great views. Free alcohol. Not much else to wish for.

martin 05-11-2020 06:40 PM

Very cool. Looks like lots of roads around there to explore, from Google Earth view.

KARVITK 05-12-2020 12:35 AM

Looks like beautiful country, very interesting area..

Thank you for sharing, Clayton.


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