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mick range 04-14-2020 12:54 AM

The Stoltmann Cedar
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This is a story about one of my favourite trees in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park that I just finished writing. The Stoltmann Cedar, as I call it, is a 700 year old cedar that can be found just off the Cedar Trail on the west side of Lynn Creek.

zeljkok 04-14-2020 05:28 PM

I know that trail very well. While Lynn across the creek will be a gong show, one can usually have total solitude on west side. Specially past "Big Cedar" and onto Kennedy Falls, which is probably my favorite North Shore waterfall:

Whole thing also lends itself nicely to a loop, if Lynn creek is low enough & one is prepared for ford.

KARVITK 04-14-2020 10:06 PM

Always in awe of these fabulous trees.

Mick have you visited the Eco Reserve just beyond the far end of Chilliwack Lake ? There are some huge trees of great age there as well.


BubblinBacon 04-19-2020 01:36 PM

My fav is a giant on the trail to Lynn peak (left of trail). About 20min from the lookout point

zeljkok 04-19-2020 01:56 PM

Mick, you are on Van Island now I think? Have you been to Avatar Grove? It's just off Port Renfrew. There are some real candies for you there:

I am not so big on trees as you are, but loved it there. Check it out if you haven't already

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