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Default Mount Gardiner and Cirque Peak(place glacier) Aug 26-27,2019

Been looking at this trip for over a year now, Ken who i met on Skypilot, new to scrambling but knew he could do it, and Alexy who messaged me on Facebook about joining the trip. Also wanted to get a rad scramble in before I start grade 11 on Tuesday. Read some reports online, all straightforward on access.

Check out the awesome video of the trip Alexy made!

We arrived at the trailhead at around 9:00am and were off hiking by 9:15am. This is my 4th backpacking trip, Ken's first and Alexy has 10 years of experience. No car at the trailhead meant that we could leave our tents at the trailhead. The trail is flat for about 700m then rises steeply up till the water fall. And then continues even steeper past, gaining 1000m in about 3.5km. The first creek crossing is just a bunch of logs thrown down and some random pieces of rope. Not the most difficult but falling in would not be fun here. After this section the trail flattens out and rises steadily to the alpine. The trail is well defined and flagging lets you know you are on course. Trail gets a bit harder to stay on after the second creek crossing.

Reached the alpine in about 3 hours, hiked on to the bottom of the polished slabs section and had bit of a break before the final push to the hut. The push up the slabs were pretty straight forward. There is even a fixed rope there, a 5mm line that shreds your hand if you try to grab on. From there its pretty straight forward to the hut, flagging and cairns mark the way, you just follow the creek. Arrived at the huts in about 4 hours. I set up the sleeping arrangements at the hut and cooked up lunch. We were all glad to put our bags down. After a lengthy break we were off to Gardnier.


Now time to head up Gardnier, we wanted to avoid a creek crossing, so we went way up toward the glacier to find a way across. After finding now way across I just said fuck it and waded straight through the water. Seeing me at 6ft, water reaching my waist, they passed and decided to go way around the glacier. Which is how we all returned later. From there I just took it slow and waited for Ken and Alex to do the whole navigation around the lake and glacier, and i wasn't thinking and i was aiming for a ''peak" left of Gardiner, which lead me way high to a basin that would be the left ridge up, realizing my mistake I travesed high and made my way to the right basin and then Ken and Alex caught up. After that whole navigation time wasting we finally made the ridge and got some nice, fun scrambling to the peak. The view was killer, and gave a pretty remote feel. With the huge detours we made the peak in 2 hours

This was the insignificant bump i was aiming for, if I was alone I would have just taken that south east ridge up.

Back at the hut we made dinner and were off to sleep in about an hour. I decided to try some galaxy photography, after about 30min with playing with my camera i managed to get this shot.

Day 2: Woke up at 5:15, barley managed to eat my noodles off at 6:15. All feeling exhausted we slowly treaded our way up to the ridge. The glacier slog seemed like it never ended, even though only about 1.5km. Reached the bottom of Cirque, and no "obvious gully" could be found so we just went straight up, switchbacking around some cliffbands later joining alans track. From there a straight forward slog up to the ridge. Once at the ridge we were all feeling alive again and ready for some scrambling. Ridge is pretty straight forward, bypass a few towers, over some. I never found any section difficult at all, allthough for the most part the whole ridge is, you fall you die. It did get a bit sketchy toward the end of the peak, as you get closer to the summit rock quality deteriorates significantly. We all made it to the peak in 3:10, way ahead of schedule and having an awesome time. We then just decided to take the way up to go down, no need to find that gully. The glacier on the way back was hard on the knees. and me wearing approach shoes meant that no water could touch my shoes. But the melting glacier attacked my foot and got my feet wet in slush.

This is what we went up, it works and is not too sketchy.

From afar this looked vertical, getting closer always makes in easier.

On the way back we ran into a family of mountain goast, my first time, filled with utter joy. Back at the hut we took an hour, fifteen to get ready, i popped 3 Advils. The crux of the trip was just coming up on the way down, things got interesting.

We could all tell that the creek had risen significantly, my guess would be about tripled in size. Made it down the polished slabs section and into the forest, and to no ones surprise the trail had turned into streams, literally water everywhere. I tried to keep my feet dry but after slipping and landing in knee deep water, that was just a fantasy. Ken and Alex with there boots made it across the first 100 creek crossings without getting wet. Now to go down when we reached the last crossing, the water had by no surprise risen Water was rouring over and under the log and the water was ridiculously fast. Our only option was to back track and try to find a fallen log to cross on. If we could not we would have to set up camp here and wait for the creek to die down. Spending another night would have resulted in my parents calling SAR. Luckily we found this log right over the water. We opted do use our rope for this section as falling into the water here would have resulted in getting sent down the creek to your death. We all made it across.

Backtracked about 500m to find this log, crossed and then bushwacked back to the trail.

The first creek crossing was not possible, could not even get to this point.

Now after about 1.5 hour delay we were back on trail. Just 1000m of loss left to go. Once we reached the waterfall i gave up hiking and ran down, and just waited at the bottom for about 30 minutes.

Overall a very fun trip for competent scramblers. Would highly reccomend.
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Nice report, but your images are not showing. There are problems with referencing Google Photo Albums directly, even if you click on Share --> Create Link (even if last couple seem ok, I think it is only temporary).

You need to upload copy of the photo here
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ahh ok, first time posting here so no idea what i was doing with the images. Thanks!
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Hope you can get the images sorted out! Looks like an awesome trip. Great video too! I have been to the falls there. Would love to do an overnight up there.
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Well done and great job on the video! I think I would get the eebeejeebee's up there on Cirque!
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Great video, that drone footage on Gardiner was awesome to see.
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Same issue with the Place Creek crossing on the return (this was in late August) - despite the weather being a mix of sun and clouds, evidently the water level had risen significantly. I just used the original crossing and held on to the thinner log upstream.

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