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Default Mount Nutt 07/22/18

Fourth time in a row for me to be in Golden Ears. This area is still very new to me as I only started exploring it a few weeks prior to Evan's Peak. The drive up was uneventful, and like my first trip when I had a hiking partner who was much more fit than me, I again found myself with a hiking partner who was many years my junior and in far better condition than I was in my 20s. Due to the extreme heat, I knew that I would bring some extra water. At 3.5 litres I ended up consuming all of it by the time we returned. The hike itself had some steep sections but nothing as challenging as Evan's Peak or Alouette Mountain. The trail itself is very well marked and very well maintained. There are no reliable water sources along the trail. The first few kilometres of the trail were relatively bug free, it wasn't until we reached the second viewpoint that the bugs started coming out. The viewpoints were stunning, and we had the trail almost entirely to ourselves. We encountered only a few people on our way back down. At the end of the trail there is a little cairn overlooking a cliff. Some people have bushwacked to reach the true south peak of Mount Nutt. Since my hiking partner was inexperienced in bushwacking and route finding, we opted to return and enjoy a quick dinner in Surrey. We started at 9:00AM and took a very long break at one of the lookout points, and returned to a packed parking lot at 4:00PM. If there is one complaint that I have, it seems like the Golden Ears area attracts people who have no consideration for others with their illegal parking practises. If Chilliwack's problem would be people fly tipping rubbish on the trails, then it's Golden Ears counterpart is simply people lacking sensibility with where they choose to park their vehicles. Be sure to park in an area and in a way that you can exit, because there is a high possibility that you may have to wait until someone moves their vehicle before you can get out.
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Nice report Chris, always nice to see older geezers out
You could always call a tow truck.
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Originally Posted by Chris S. View Post
If there is one complaint that I have, it seems like the Golden Ears area attracts people who have no consideration for others with their illegal parking practises.
I've been to Golden Ears several times this year. With these popular areas, I always camp at the expensive campground then get an early start the next morning when there are practically no cars in the lot. However, I'm always conscious of where I park so I can get out easy because I know it will be packed and overflowing when I come back. My complaint about Golden Ears is that the road is gated until 7 am which I find too late as I like to start hiking by 5 am.
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