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Default Mount Price 12-13 May 2018

Inspired by Spectrum and Chris S and a little confused by the lack of trip reports in the last year, I thought it time I wrote one...

The forecast for last weekend was high 20s, so sweating was expected, although heading up into the snow I wasnít sure what conditions to expect. I decided on a trip to Mount Price in Garibaldi Park as it wasnít too much driving and I probably wouldnít go back there during the summer because of the crazy number of people then.

I wasnít up early, but was able to beat the worst downtown Vancouver traffic and I left the Garibaldi parking lot and started the hike just before noon. There were about 20 cars there. It was a gentle uphill climb the whole way to Garibaldi Lake at 9 km. The snow/ice (snice?) started around 4.5 km and by 5 km the snice was constant. A footbridge across Taylor Creek has been washed away so hikers currently have to cross Lesser Garibaldi Lake where Taylor Creek enters the lake, hoping the snow bridges donít give way! Eek! There were some good holes in the snow and it wonít be long before thatís no longer possible. I put snowshoes on here and although they werenít strictly necessary they sure helped prevent post-holing on both the lake and the trail.

I reached Garibaldi Lake a little after 3 pm, where the snow is still almost at the top of the day-use buildings and the lake is completely covered in snow. From the camping area I followed the shoreline south for a while and then headed up into the hills on the way to Mount Price, with amazing views of Black Tusk on the way! The trail is not marked so I had to find my own way and managed almost no back-tracking at all, although I did have to climb a few steep slopes to keep in the correct direction. The snow made crossing summer scree slopes easy and I suspect the trail may be harder in the summer?

Around 6:30 pm I reached the shoulder of Clinker Peak, which needs to be conquered before reaching Mount Price and decided that was a great place to camp for the night. The snow had been getting softer and softer (and much more slippery) in the sun as the day progressed and I wanted to hit the summit first thing in the morning when the snow would be as hard as possible. I wasnít sure what I would find up there but could see a large cornice on Price.

The sun didnít set until 8:45 pm so I had plenty of time to set up camp, cook dinner and relax, and as the sun went down I was reading a book and drinking wine. :-)

The sun woke me with a slap to the face at 6:30 am and after breakfast and coffee I was at the top of Clinker Peak before 8:30 am and by 8:50 am I was at the summit of Mount Price. The views are stunning! Mountains, (snow covered) lakes and more mountains! I didnít dally too long as the snow was already becoming soft and I wanted to get off the summit with as much traction as possible and walk down rather than slide/fall down. I got back to my tent, packed and began the long slog out at 14įC, getting back to the truck at 4 pm and 31įC!!

The hike is a constant gentle uphill hike all the way with only a few short descents after Garibaldi Lake. Itís not difficult but is quite long and it was nice to break it into a two day trip with a soul-restoring relaxing night in the mountains. Snowshoes are not necessary until leaving Garibaldi Lake; completely necessary after. The snow is melting fast and large holes are showing both at the Taylor Creek crossing and in the boulder fields on the way to Price.

Happy hiking everyone!
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