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Default Crown Mountain

July 1, 2017 - Canada day - Dam, Goat, Crown.

Someone recently asked about condition on Crown, so I went to investigate. Long story short, no go for non-mountaineers. After the largest Canadian Maple Leaf attempt for the Guinness Book of Records, two proper Canadian Beaver tails, and a desire to over compensate cause I had to bail on my trip to mount Rainier, it was time to play after a week of being sick. Figured Crown was less epic than 14,000ft with a head cold.

Trail conditions: Snow starts immediately after the chair lifts and I put my boots on immediately (I mean single point stilettos). Getting to Dam was no issue, the trail is becoming well used but they did remove all the nice winter signage to my surprise. Wrap around little Goat was non-issue but the descent after that is bad. The snow in this area is hard packed and at times icy and I couldn't drive my ice axe in more than 2 inches sometimes. I had micro-spikes but I WISH I had my mountaineering crampons cause honestly they weren't good enough and I wasted a lot of time and effort kicking step platforms.

The chains are frozen by the snow and only loose in one place. Nearing the col you have to watch and probe for all the run off. The boulders had a very obvious avalanche that ran in that area.

Came across one runner that had come up from Hanes Valley so I peaked below the col to see what it was like and it's melting out but still has snow.

There is one major tree fall that obscured the trail and required delicate climbing of dead branches and debris.
I thought from a distance the upper parts would be snow free but they weren't at all. Only very small sections are melted out and the worst was the upper crossing before you top out on Beauty Peak. There are so many places to slide and go splat.

The final top out is about a 30 degree snow slope still very hard snow. Tried to bypass on the sides but that was hard too cause there are holes under the snow pack and you can slide in. My legs got pretty scratched up not wearing my usual gear but really a small price to pay for style. Cough.

To my surprise a family of three had come up the slabs on the other side just as I was having my summit break so it seems that side is doable although it's the descent you have to worry about! I was concerned about them cause it was getting late and they had no ice axes and wanted to return via the standard trail so I waited for them. It took a while with very slow travel.

As I waited for them to ascend the gully I figured I'd run up Goat...which is mostly okay except for the final top out. That section is sketchy. The rope is literally hanging on by a thread, the snow pack is near collapse, and some post holes exist. It took me a bit of effort to safely down climb. The sunset views were stunning however and worth the small detour.

Once they were up to Dam and I was satisfied they could make it by themselves I ran down to catch the Gondola and even got to see the fireworks on the ride down Solid Canada Day adventure!
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Headed for the Mountains
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I guess that's one way to climb it.

Nice report.

The greatest signature ever, tribute.
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Awesome report,and great useful detail. I can vouch for crampons being better suited than microspikes; found same conditions on Lake the Baker area.... the softening upper layer of snow can be dangerous with microspikes; in my case I used a sliding step to scoff off the soft stuff, so microspikes could get a good grip on the hard under layer.

That profile picture of you with red dress and ice-axe is an amazing beautiful shot showing your smile of victory and accomplishment.

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That was me asking about the conditions. Thanks for the reccie, great summit shot!
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This should be new CT banner photo

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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
This should be new CT banner photo

Quite possibly the best damn pic ever posted on CT. , probably the best sesquicentenial pic ever taken for any country ever. Girl, you kick serious butt

You do stuff like this when you're not feeling well? yikes, do I feel old and feeble or what

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