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Default Slollicum Peak June 4 2016

I know Palma already just posted a detailed trip report for Slollicum Peak; however, had a few things to add, more photos and it's good way to keep a personal record of hikes!

For anyone who might get confused because of the driving description in 103 hikes: When you are driving on Lillooet Avenue you will come to a fork, right is a provincial park(Sasquatch Provincial Park) and left is Harrison East Slollicum Creek Forest Service Road. Then a ways in, you will come to a sign that says "Slollicum Forest Service Road" - this is where you turn right. Most people park right away as it isn't all that far up on the 4 wheel drive bit. The 4WD part had overgrown branches on either side in parts, so if you want to save your car the beating, just park down below!

The hike started off with a short flat logging road, then up through a boulder field for about 10 mins. Then a logging road again with a minor incline
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00225.jpg
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Name:	DSC00230.jpg
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First view
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00231.jpg
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More logging road
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00235.jpg
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ID:	139073

We followed the slightly inclined logging road for a few kms and at one point it curved left, but we had GPS coordinates that indicated we should not follow the curve left, but instead go straight through a trail that had overgrown and tough to spot. We put flagging tape here for future hikers to know that this is the way. Soon after we were heading up steeply. It was quite the slog!

Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00248.jpg
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Name:	DSC00258.jpg
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So thankful for each stream we came across (there were at least 5+ on the way up)
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC09231.jpg
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At about 1360m we came across snow
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00263.jpg
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Name:	DSC09248.jpg
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Name:	DSC00276.jpg
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Name:	DSC00286.jpg
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ID:	139001

Once at the ridge, there was some minor scrambling towards the peak.

On the way back down:
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00305.jpg
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Name:	DSC00315.jpg
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Name:	DSC00318.jpg
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Name:	DSC00327.jpg
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There were two guys who did the hike without their shirts on. It was definitely super hot so I get why; however, the trail was overgrown in many parts (so a lot of branches with thorny bits) and there were a lot of biting bugs! I got at least 8 bites on my arms which were exposed. So, go shirtless at your peril!

We came across another group on the ridge (Palma's group).

The views were awesome all around! strangely enough, when we got to the peak there weren't any bugs (maybe the slight breeze there helped keep them away?). So got to eat lunch in peace. We hung out at the cairn for about 45 minutes.

I must stress again how good it was to have the streams along the way. It was stupidly hot and it was amazing to splash my head and back of my neck with really cold water.

According to our GPS it was 17 kms in total. We started the hike at 11.20am and finished it at 7.50pm. So 8.5 hours in total.
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Nice pics and thx for the additional info. Looks like a great trek to keep on the books for a future date

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Awesome Lyda, excellent set of photos and good info.

This one I will do sometime.

AS You do, I view CT as a great place to store trip reports; our accounts of trips in years past. Always neat to look back at them in review.

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Default Slolicum Peak

Nice to see you are still at it. You are the one who got me there the first time.
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