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ShoelessJohn 02-28-2016 03:18 AM

Old Burke Mountain Ski Lodge
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Ever since I moved to Coquitlam last year, I still haven't done a hike in the Pinecone Burke Provincial Park (which is only 5 min drive for me to the Harper Rd trail head from my house). I decided today is the day. I always wanted to check out what the old ski lodge site looks like. Besides, I bought my Coquitlam trail map and it's time to put it to good use.

For once, I don't need to wake up bright and early and I'm at the trailhead and started hiking by 9:30am. Arriving at the trailhead (just before the gun range), I see a gate is down. It feel really strange to see a BC park sign just behind closed gate blocking access and you park your car on the road side.

I took the trail #5 (Garbage trail - interesting name) up. The constant gun shots from the gun range feels a bit strange as I went up. I just need some dog barking to complete the image and the feeling of being hunted. The trail is shared use for mountain biker and hiker. So make sure to look up and listen to biker coming down.

As I hike up, I notice that there are already alternations to the trail that is different from my map. I was expecting that the trail #5 will come out and meet #14 (gravel road spur one). But I came out onto #13 (woodland walk). Luckily I figured out at a different trail, I walked back to the junction to #14 .

Then I continue up trail #20 (lower elevator) because I couldn't find the entrance to #19 . After I cut back to the gravel road where trial #20 ends, I decided to just walk all the way up the gravel road. I decided that it is safer this way. The rest is a pretty boring hike up along the gravel road until I reached the snow (somewhere between the Gunners Trail #5 9 and Village Lake Trail #5 8). The snow is wet snow. I didn't bring my snow shoe. But I brought my crampon and seems to be just fine (with the occasion where my step sink in a bit more than I wanted).

By 1pm, I got to the 900m elevation and I start to get tired and hungry (I guess I should have eaten breakfast before I started hiking). Even though according to the map I'm really close to the old ski lodge side, I had to stop for lunch. Besides, the sun finally come out and I took a few more pictures.

After 20 min lunch break, I continue up and get to the old ski lodge site. But no sign of the ski lodge. I guess it is buried in snow. I supposed to have to come back in the summer. But it is a nice view on top. I should have taken my lunch here.

Looking around, I realized it would be a good winter camping site. Maybe I'll come back again in the future for over night trip. I didn't stick around for too long as I already had my lunch. Started heading back at 2pm. I took the gravel road back down until I reached the junction for #35 Upper Tripple Crown) and saw a mountain biker just arrived and about to take that trail down. So I decided to explore and try taking this trail down. It's a much shorter path back to the car. #35 came out to the hydro tower. Then I continue down hill with #27 (upper elevator) - the only trail entrance I managed to find. After I got onto #27 I see elevator panel on the tree:

Now I see why the trail is named elevator. Too bad the buttons didn't work. I got back to the car by 4pm. Can't believe it took me only 2 hrs to head down but took me so long to head up. I guess downhill combine with the short cut really make a lot of difference.


Voostra 02-28-2016 11:24 AM

There isn't much to see even when there isn't snow aside from a few flatter spots and a few piles of bricks...

ashi 02-28-2016 01:03 PM

Thanks for the TR :). We were on Woodland Walk yesterday and I spoke to a guy in the lot who said snowshoes are helpful around ~900m up the old ski hill. I lived in Coquitlam for a long time and I barely touched the Burke area. Will be spending a lot more time up there.

ShoelessJohn 02-28-2016 07:38 PM

Snowshoe would definitely be nice once I got onto the snow, as my steps do sink into the snow on occasion which just wasted some of my energy.

cutthroat22 02-29-2016 05:25 AM

Re maps. Try a cellphone app which supports openmaps. There are so many trails around there I found it very useful for finding out where I was when wandering around. For Android I use Canada Maps Pro but there are about a dozen others to choose from.

ShoelessJohn 03-01-2016 02:46 AM


Originally Posted by cutthroat22 (Post 700138)
Re maps. Try a cellphone app which supports openmaps. There are so many trails around there I found it very useful for finding out where I was when wandering around. For Android I use Canada Maps Pro but there are about a dozen others to choose from.

I do have those cellphone apps (Canada Maps Pro and Backpackers GPS Trails Pro). But they don't have a whole lot of trail info. Besides, I was already carrying a GPS. The paper topo trail map that I bought for Coquitlam has a lot of useful trail info. Surprising, a standard google map has more trail info in that area then those android apps. I'll probably do a few more hikes in that area and start marking those trails on my GPS.

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