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sandu 01-11-2016 08:38 PM

Mount Slalok North Face,January 09-2016
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Thanks to the snow conditions that we've been having lately,me,Ben and Steven decided to spend a weekend in Duffey area starting with Mount Slalok North Face.
I did Slalok few year back,but always wanted to go back and just ski the 900m face.
Attachment 114529 Mount Slalok North Face
We started around 9.30 from the parking,the trail was busy already.
By the time we got to the third lake there was a group aiming for Matier glacier route,but after looking for a bit at the face we picked our line,at first I was thinking to stay right of the centre couloir,but as soon as we got near the couloir we decided to go for the couloir instead since wasn't looking too bad.
Attachment 114537 Going up the couloir
The bootpacking wasn't too bad in the couloir,here and there some deep snow.
Attachment 114545
At the top of the couloir,where we went right,we put our skis on again and skinned all the way up to the last steep slope near the summit.Attachment 114553 Back on skis
Attachment 114561
Attachment 114569
We all decided to ski that slope too,so we carried our skis and left them just before the summit.
Only after few moments after we got to the top,we saw that other group that went for Matier glacier route coming up towards the summit.
Attachment 114593 The other group approaching the summit
Attachment 114601 Us on the summit
The skiing down was pretty fun,the snow was ok,some crust here and there.
Attachment 114617 Ben skiing down
The tricky part was at the entrance back into couloir,a bit icy and steep,after what again some good steep skiing.
After waiting for Steven for a bit at the bottom of the face,we all started our way out to the car.
It was good that the trail wasn't busy,only 2 people were going up.
Fun skiing,highly recommended for sure.


Aqua Terra 01-11-2016 10:59 PM

you have any shots looking straight down the slope? heard its quite a steep slope that some find a bit intimidating

sandu 01-11-2016 11:51 PM

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Originally Posted by Aqua Terra (Post 691857)
you have any shots looking straight down the slope? heard its quite a steep slope that some find a bit intimidating

Attachment 114673 This is at the entrance in the couloir.
The face is no more the 40 degrees,is much steeper at the summit but not for long.


StevenSong 01-12-2016 01:27 AM

Yeah. The couloir is I'd say, 35 gradually steepens to short section of 40-45 near the ice bulge. The glacier is 30 ish and steepens to 40+ near the summit. It's a long route but not as steep/sustained comparing to Aussie Couloir. Matier has one section that felt steeper than more exposed too.

zeljkok 01-12-2016 01:36 AM

Looks really good! This shot is my favorite:

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