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Spectrum 05-21-2015 09:19 PM

West Lion May 19, 2015
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Had to work the whole long weekend so as a I reward I got a Tuesday off. Not a fair trade off. I Didn't want to drive to Pemberton solo and forecast was for lighting and unsettled weather so I decided on a local classic, the West Lion.;d=1432254897

Started pushing the bike up the road at 7:40am, parking was fine only 1 other car. After crossing the bridge travel was good on the Binkert trail except some pretty serious blowdowns. Trail is pretty much completely covered and new odd ways around it are appearing here and there.;d=1432253581

Very Very minimal snow just below the ridge THANK GOD! nice to be able to travel in approach shoes and travel light again and stay dry. Made my way to the notch, I had packed a rope with me just incase but there was a blue climbing rope still in place, the giant old braided rope is gone. I know Dru says it's an easy section and I could manage to climb up it without the rope, but I found downclimbing it hard and I ended up using the rope.;d=1432253599;d=1432253615

No problem on the spot where people have died, kinda crazy to think about while looking down. The pin is still there and solid. Smooth sailing after that to the top 2hr. 50 min later.;d=1432253659;d=1432253679;d=1432253697

I didn't want to head home so soon so I decided to take the HSCT and ended up heading for Enchanment Peak. I ended up on the ridge too high, there was no way down. I now realize I should have just stayed low and cut under the part I was up ontop of. So I went back to the HSCT and continued along the ridge hitting every bump on the way even one that wasn't needed.;d=1432253719;d=1432253736

Crossed the section with chains and ropes, it was super easy and makes the pictures look better I suppose and made my way upto James.;d=1432253778

Dropped down to base of David, then upto the top of David and took in the sights again.;d=1432253819

For some reason I foolishly figured that since in the Winter I've ascended the South Ridge of David that heading down it would be fine and I would just hook up with the road in Harvey Basin. Well it was a poor decision and I should have just hooked up with the HSCT off of David and hit the road higher up. As I got lower I lost track of where the road was, the bluffs kept pushing me over and it resulted in a nasty thrash for me to cut over and find the road quite low down.;d=1432253873

Anways once on the road I licked my wounds, pretended that bushwack didn't happen, hopped on my bike and cruised down to the car to tan my pasty body and drink an ice cold Cariboos Blonde. Then I hit up the parents house because because I heard there was a roast cooking. This was a much needed trip after my last 2.;d=1432253909

muskeeto 05-22-2015 12:23 AM

Like the shins!

erratics 05-22-2015 01:05 AM

Great trip report for so early in the year. Looks like the Binkert Trail is in need of a chainsaw crew. I've not been up that trail for a few years due to the Lions Bay parking limitations.

thecamel 05-22-2015 01:53 AM

ha ha ha...ya I hit the dead end on the "high road" to enchantment as well and had to back track and drop down.

simonc 05-22-2015 02:15 AM

I can't believe how little snow there is - especially your shot of Harvey Basin even though it is a southern aspect.

Spectrum 05-22-2015 02:20 AM

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Erratics - The parking situation is a joke , I didn't count but it's 4 or 5 spots only at this point. Residents get their own section up there, and then they made the gate swing outwards which results in about 4 "no parking spots" As I was leaving some guy showed up in a big pickup, unloaded a dirt bike and went ripping up the road. He told me he's beeen doing it for 20 years, he lives int he area, calls the cops to make sure it's legal and he said it's completely legal.

Lions bay parking and legal dirt bikes, this should get the ball roling :)

TheCamel, yeah I came home and read your TR, Simons, and Vlads. It all made sense after the fact haha.

smac 05-22-2015 05:53 AM

there are quite a few spots a block down on the side of the road. not that much further to walk.

there is a trail maker "to lions bay" at intersection of HSCT and Harvey basin road / trail. no need to bushwack. (well the trail is a minor bushwack itself)

the road itself is part of lions bay watershed. they would probably do something about the dirtbike if caught.

Rex 05-22-2015 12:21 PM

Nicely done Spectrum... that loop looks enticing... mind sharing the stats when you have a moment?

pointbob 05-22-2015 12:58 PM

any mosquitos?

Spectrum 05-22-2015 01:06 PM

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No bug repellent used, no bug bites.

Rex I don't carry a GPS , about 20km is what Google Earth had it down as, after I plotted the route. It's pretty accurate.

dom 05-22-2015 05:48 PM

Appreciate the report! Will be headed there next weekend.

Jordan1982 05-22-2015 10:42 PM

Heading up that way tomorrow hopefully. Going to stay the night, asides from the snow is there anywhere to get water along the way? Thanks

Spectrum 05-23-2015 12:32 AM

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Originally Posted by Jordan1982 (Post 619762)
Heading up that way tomorrow hopefully. Going to stay the night, asides from the snow is there anywhere to get water along the way? Thanks

Coming from someone who's never done an overnight trip and someone who doesn't own a filter, ummmmm well there's enough wet heavy snow around. Next there was a few places with snow melt run off along the trail just before you top out onto the ridge.

KARVITK 06-02-2015 01:43 AM

Awesome report.

Now I know what that slope looks like with the blue climbing rope. Top of that rope was the furthest I got last time.


38286 06-02-2015 02:40 AM

Why'd you cover your licence plate ? You wanted or something !! ;)

Great report and I don't know why, but that last photo cracked me up !

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