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Originally Posted by dlofting View Post
Not intending to be nasty, but if you can't find your way "back" without relying on flagging then you should probably stay on well marked trails.

I do a lot of off-trail hiking and never need to use flagging.
I do a lot of off-trail hiking too, you've posted one trip report to Elfin Lakes so it's hard to judge what you idea of off-trail is. I like to carry tape with me, rarely use it.
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If the route is so obscure and brushy that I'm worried about finding the way back, it seems appropriate to use a few flags. These kind of places aren't exactly scenic to begin with, and are rarely travelled, so the flags aren't offending many people. Placing ribbons in the alpine, or along established trails/routes does bother me when I see it. There are occasional times I'll use flagging, and stand by the decision to do so.
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Originally Posted by muskeeto View Post
In general there are situations where a marker is very useful, where the route changes direction or to show a less technically difficult route, What do you do when you hit a cliff band on the way back down and can't remember how you got up it?
I pretty much always remember where I am in the woods. If not, I follow my intuition.

I dunno. I get paid to walk around in the woods a lot. It's definitely not rocket science.
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In the North Shore Mountains, it's still smart to flag routes. When the fog descends, it's easier than most think to get off route. This route is in prime shape a bit later in the season but always a nice hike.
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I flag on occasion for backtracking. However, I will try to remove everything on the way down. This route is well traveled, so no issue. On more remote areas, I try to leave things as I found them since my sense of exploration is diminished when I find tape.
On another note, I've learned to be very wary of random bits of tape. They were probably put in by someone more lost than you.
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