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Default Mount McGuire Aug.17.14 NE Route

This trip started with Nick posting a request for anyone who knew the route through from McGuire's NE flank, up the ridge, and to McGuire's summit. This would be his 100# hike out of the 103 hikes guide book.

I answered the call, and shortly afterwards Janice posted her interest, we each brought additional company. I invited Wally and he brought MikeW along, and also Pete from Maple Ridge came as well. And Janice brought along five others.... So we ended up with a group of eleven hardy souls. I will let Janice write the names of the others, as I do not recall all of them.

Nick picked me and Pete up in Abbotsford, we met Wally and rest of the gang in Sardis; and from there went on our way. It was a long haul up from the FSR turnoff up the Tamihi Valley, we took the left turn some 2 or 3 km up the road, and continued to take a number of left turns until we reached the parking spot at close to 1370 meters elevation.... We spotted three bears nearby, but disappeared before I got any photos.

By the time we were geared up and ready to go it was almost 9:30 am....
..we dropped down to the rocks, found a trail that went a short way up on the right side of the talus-bouldery ravine,, and continued up the steep section until we found the trail resumed near the top end..near 10:15 am (45 minutes)

There was a lot of cloud around, and the subpeak was in the mist.. but then we got high enough, 1700 meter level to get above the cloud deck.. and views began to open up.
It was a nice break to get off that really steep stuff onto a more moderate and gentle grade trail for a while...

Our group had spread out,, and most were ahead ... Nick and Mike were looking for the next way on... we found it... past the point where I had last visited.
Headed down from the top of the ridge, to a col just before McGuire Summit block. ..

Then walk on the east flank, lots of talus higher up, more solid rocky surface lower... take caution to ascend and traverse unstable talus to reach the original trail coming up from the south.

Trail up was steep, in the open, then a short section of stunted forest with small flowery meadow just before the final bare rock summit....
It was little crowded on that narrow summit, took our lunch and enjoyed the views...and watching two other groups of hikers coming our way; one from the north, and another from the south...

We observed three people scrambling up the NE summit from the north appraoch.
.... .. up came a group of 3...

to next posting:

Hiking is what keeps you young of mind and heart. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..............
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thanks for posting Karl-it was a good day!
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Wow, big group. Nicely done.
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I wonder when the summit last saw a group of that size? Nicely done.
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Thanks for leading the hike Karl-it. Was fantastic
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Thanks Nick for posting the invite and letting me sign up the others. As Karl requested the names of my friends were
Shane , Greg (CT handle - grumpy bastard) , Jay and Ingrid . All from the Chwk Hiking Club.

I had a great day and loved this hike, esp. the rock hopping and standing on the top of the summit. Finally. That mountain has stared at me for years. Also great to meet a few more CT'ers in person - Nickl and MikeW, great guys.

Greg and Mike

into the meadow:

Mt. McGuire:

Lake of the Dead (aka McGuire Lake)

looking back in this section reminded me of Hannegan Peak in WA.

S.E Ridge and some cool rock cave

Karl nearing the last section.

False summit. Jay was afraid of heights but managed to make it past here.

summit shots:

Group photo:

Great day everyone! Good memories.

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Thanks for posting such a good TR and pictures Karl. It was nice to meet so many new people and great to explore a new mountain.
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Nice to see so many enjoy this mountain! It is an excellent peak. I sure miss the Borden Creek FSR! It was like Cheam, the drive took longer than the hike!
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I wish to thank everyone for their fine compliments and kind words. It was a good solid hike, with steep rocky talus, trails, the ridge walk, and the scramble to the summit. Glad all of you made it up there.... This being my third time on the summit, and fourth visit to the ridge, I will save my efforts for a new location.

Janice really appreciate your photo contribution and filling in the gaps on names of your friends, a fine group they are.. Norgie and Cougar, glad you enjoyed this trip, I have more planned.

Stu... thank you , great to share this mountain with so many ..

Nick.. it was my pleasure to get you up there and finish your 100th hike from that book.

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More photos; from summit and back to the ridge....

Group shot with the ridge behind our gang:

We thanked 'Shane "? I think for taking our pictures and proceeded to return. Four of us went back the way we came in, the rest decided to scramble down towards the north route...

Warm afternoon, and tired legs made the trek back seem longer than the way up....

A good day done.... 12 km rouond trip, 800 meters net elevation gain, not sure how long it took us....

A few pictures from Wally: His new camera has impressive zoom power..
Here are some shots: Borden Peak, McGuire east flank snowfield, our group on McGuire Summit...

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It was nice bumping into you again, Nick! Tricouni was always a good memory.
And Karl, nice meeting the rest of your gang!

That "trail" was brutally steep in some sections. My legs are still sore... haha

Also, the access logging road is definitely full HC4WD. I was surprised that Subaru made it up.

(the other) Shane
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I went as far as the high point of this ridge.
Picture compliments of Karl.

I tried to zoom in as close as I could but was not very stable.
Wish I had a tripod with me so they would not be so blurry.
The closest is near X60 Zoom.

A communications tower I think.

Personally I think this is a asinine trail especially when low fog mist has made everything wet and slippery a person can easily slip and get killed on that ridge. This it is the north side where most of the trail is it stays wet for along time after the fog has lifted.
Coming down at the end of the ridge as show in this picture is only for very experienced hikers and scramblers and very dangerous.
Picture compliments of Karl.

Also at the beginning of the trail head the scramble over wet moss covered rocks makes it easy to twist or possibly brake a ankle or leg.

If I were ever to do this again which I fully intend to I will turn right at the last fork and hike through the logging slash and come up the trail from that route as explained by Janice and where you can see where the two trails routes meet.

Also instead of scrambling along the whole narrow upper ridge I would drop down the small pass just to the left of the photo below and follow the game trail and miss most of the ridge trail. There may be some elevation loss but it would be a lot safer.
Picture compliments of Karl.
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good going guys! [^]
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This trip looks like it was a real success for you guys, all local hikers have to go up at least once. I was going to ask if Kanike found her friends on Elk Mountain, then saw the reference to the Outdoors Club. I've met Greg up there a few times, we once had an undeclared race to the top. Also had the pleasure of talking to Ingrid a couple times on the trail - hope her old dog is still able to go hiking.
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Well done all...and good to see Wally in the mountains again, although I do agree with his assessment of this route - an awfully tedious (and un-necessarily dangerous) way to summit this peak.
A quad or dirt bike will have you at the old trailhead within an hour.

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