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Default High Falls Creek

Didn't get a chance to post this until today. We did this hike about a week ago:

3 of us were off to a late start from Vancouver, deciding to go to high falls creek and see the spring run off. Was the first time for 2 of us.

We were initially scared by all these warnings of people/dogs falling off to their death, but figured it couldn't be that bad with some normal precautions. Which is wasn't.

The Squamish Valley Road was suprisingly well paved, until the last little bit where it turned to gravel. Met a lot of road traffic however, and the parking ‘lot' right before the bridge was almost completely full.

At first we couldn't quite figure out where the trail started but after some minor exploration found the opening in the woods with the pink flagging tape.

The trail started off with an easy meander in the lush forest, but quickly met with some minor scrambling. The scrambling continued, aided with some cable. Luckily it was all anchored well, as a slip here, while leaning on any of these, would have been disasterous. We quickly realized why this hike was labeled as potentially fatal with a mis-step, as most of it went along a deep ravine with waters crashing far below.

The first viewpoint was reached within about half an hour and the spectacular falls were quite something. VERY tempting to lean over and have a good look, but... no

Looking back around the half-way point opened up some incredible views of the tantalus range. All snow-capped. Would have been idyllic, were it not for the constant hunter's gunshots breaking the silence (we continued hearing these echoing throughout the mountains for most of the day)

After some more up and up, we got to the branch off point and the second lookout of the falls, arguably nicer than the first. We stopped for some lunch but the flies swarmed (and continued to do so wherever we stopped afterwards) so we decided to keep up the pace after.

Video of the falls:

At the end, we reached the logging road and the (easy?) long slog back to the car. This took about 1-2 hours or so, although we were slow. It's not hard at all, except for it being a long slog and on uneven gravel. After a while our knees started to ache.

The views on this road, however, were incredible. Mountains and valley anywhere you looked. Definitely an interesting change from having to go back down the way we came up (which probably wouldn't have been safe for us anyway).

Overall trip length 4 hours. Great cool weather for it.

Of note - there really wasn't any water available on the hike. Make sure you bring enough with you.
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High on the Mountain Top
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Excellent info. Thanks much. I was going to scamper up there pretty quick and was wondering how the trail was. Appreciate your report.

We were up at the back of the Elaho off the Squamish main, a couple of weeks ago. A beautiful sunny day, icefields, magnificent ranges. Love that place.

Keep the TR's coming, very helpful
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Love your last shot ... lots of drama with the sky.
Yup and good quick work-out and EVERYONE hates that long dusty road back.
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The solution to the long dusty hike back is to park half way up the logging road (there is a natural place to park), do some road work at the start of the hike and a lot less at the end. This works much better.
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Interesting report, and love those shots of the dark skies over the mountains and valley.

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quote:Originally posted by susied

The solution to the long dusty hike back is to park half way up the logging road (there is a natural place to park), do some road work at the start of the hike and a lot less at the end. This works much better.
Even better: Take bikes. Park all the way up. Ride down. Stash bikes. Do hike. Drive down road. Retrieve stashed bikes.
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One of my favourite trips. I especially like the walk and views on the logging road (for me, that's the best part) Nice photos!
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