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Default Hurley Silver Mine partial access guide

Hurley Silver Mine Peaks(2266m & 2277m) are located just a few km north of Duffy lake, about 50km East of Pemberton.

Today I aimed to reach Hurley Silver Mine peaks but overgrowth of the trail was so extensive and I even lost the logging road itself I was following along. The area became beyond my capability to bushwack so I turned around at about 1570m elevation. But there was a continuing foot trace until at this point as well as flags to mark relatively recent windfalls.

So this is an update of Hurley Silver Mine peaks access information. Below are the route maps.


Since I didn't see any report on Hurley Silver Mine area on Clubtread, I decided to go there myself. But Alder growth was very robust along the route, and at 1570m elevation area suddenly I didn't see the bare ground I was following on the old mining/logging road. After I gave up and returned to the car, I decided to check out nearby peaks. So I went nearby Blowdown creek road turn off on the hwy, and continue driving all the way up to Blowdown pass on alpine gravel road, then ran to Gott/Gotcha peaks. So I am partially satisfied with my experience today.


Turn right at first Pemberton intersection and reach Mt Currie. Turn right at this sign. Set odometer to 0.

As you ascend towards Duffy lake, you would enjoy a beautiful transition of forest species as well as many glacier peaks, then later seeing Duffy Lake on the left. Then at 44km you see this gate and signs.

2km after, you would see Duffy(Cayoosh) Creek flowing next to the road with background mtn like this. You can see a truck parked ahead there at 47km in the photo. This is the trailhead location. Instead of removed car bridge, there is a footbridge there now. Parking space is ample along the highway. It is about 1040m elevation.

*Note it is currently encouraged to have only day trips here, and also recommended to park at second parking opening space about 80m west from the trailhead bridge, or further distance along the road at this time.


From the hwy, cross this foot bridge, then take immediate left.

It looks like this when turn but within 200m it gets grown in like this.

Soon you would reach the second bridge out section. There is no foot bridge.

At switch back area; about 30% clear ground and runnable, 40% alder + grass ground cover but fast-walkable, 30% needing to stop constantly to weed off Alder.

As you gain some elevation at switch back, sometimes clear portion increases.

Surrounding view at the upper part of switch back. You can see a footbridge I started off on the left pic.

FROM END OF SWITCH BACK TO TURN AROUND POINT (about 70% constant stopping alder, 20% walkable, 10% short dash run)

Then switch back ends and the road starts going into the valley.

But then Alder got excessive. I was stopping all the time. Tried all kinds of things I can think of to go comfortably. Far right photo is when I attempted to crawl. But my arms were not long enough and even more uncomfortable.

Managed to reach a bridge of creek crossing & view from there - about 500m before turning around point.

Then it suddenly became like this and there was no ground to walk. It was so dense I couldn't see any clear ground I was following. Only advanced hiker/bushwalker would be able to nagivate this. This is the turn around point.

Views at turn around point. Took 51mins from trailhead.

I would very much like to know if you have pictures of this road or Hurley peaks area when this was in better shape. Also like to know how much longer alder growth would have been strong past this point. Thanks.
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Maybe send a PM to Gyppo-as far as I know he's the only CT guy who has been to those peaks although I could be wrong
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Ah nice, this is another place of the Duffy I've been meaning to explore - thanks for the trailhead and beginning of trail info.

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This is the GPS track of a trip I did exactly four years ago.

I recall a bit of brush in spots, but certainly nothing that would completely prevent passage. We made it above treeline and onto the ridge without any major problems.

Traversing the ridge above Duffey Lake is a fantastic trip. We ran out of time and didn't make it all the way over Rohr, so ended up bailing down a gully and thrashing our way back to the road.
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Good effort. There have been some issues with access to this area due to the person living on the other side of the bridge.

It would be nice to visit though, to cross off a couple more peaks in the Scrambles SW BC Book.
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Firstly, I'd advise against parking next to the bridge. The person living on the other side has been known to be somewhat territorial about it, since he (allegedly) built it. I've also heard of vehicles parked there overnight being vandalized.

I was there twice, in 2006 and 2007. in 2006 I drove my ATV to over 2000m with no problems. The road went higher but the little 110cc didn't want to climb the old mining grades any further. In 2007 we rode to some 1600m, again on an ATV. A large slump had come down and made the road undriveable at this point, although it was in great shape above. In '06 I just went to peak 2266, in '07 we did a loop through both peaks. I don't recall the road being overgrown at all. There was a derelict vehicle somewhere on the initial switchbacks.

It's too bad the access to this area is so shitty; the peaks are modest in height but pleasant, and the meadows are beautiful. The second to last picture is the slump in the road.


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Thanks for the tips; Mick Range

Thanks Ryan. It would be good to see how you make out. I am sure you could get past where I got stuck. It be exciting to see your report of this area!

PaulB; Thanks for sharing your experience & info. Going all the way towards Rohr as you look down Duffy lake - then bushwacked down! That is quite something! Sounds like a lot change in last 4yrs..
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Thanks Simon.

Somehow I sensed the feeling around what you are describing when I was there. I saw some "Private" sign there if you were to go straight into the bush after crossing the food bridge.

Actually first I went about 300m up on the road to Hurley mine, then turned around, went into other direction to this path leading to the house, then turned around again and went back to the car. Then re-organized & psyched up myself for the wack again and re-started the trip.

I will be looking forward to your report on this route for sure. I suspect that my turnaround point was most likely because I did lose the road; there was a foot trace all along, and at that point suddenly there wasn't any space to set foot on. I was wanting to turn around after wacking off all along, and didn't hesitate to just go home when I lost the way there.

gyppo; This is fantastic! I had to look at each pic several times and imagine myself being there! The coloring contrast, moderate nice looking ridge, and this half eroded road with single foot path on it! And I was wondering this last pic on the road was the spot I went past before turned around 7yrs later... The power of Alder growth is amazing. How quickly it changes! Thanks very for posting this. I am 75% satisfied now with those photos.
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I drove up there in my truck years ago when the road and A-Frame cabin up top was still intact. Next time I went it was burned down. I think it was an illegal snowmobiler's cabin.

That guy across the bridge in the cabin to the right is the last one remaining from the First Nations protest camp opposed to Nancy's Cayoosh Mountain/Melvin Creek privatization project.

He's something of a bulshitter according to a recent story in the Straight. Claims there are 25 different kinds of berries in the bush there and that he "lives off the land." 25 kinds of berries. yeah right.

Last time I was there there were deer fawn legs laying around on the ground. That's living off the land alright.
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Interesting story in this area eh... Thanks for sharing.
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Tried to go up there today (Dec 26th 2019) and encountered the gentleman mentioned in this thread. Among other things, he claimed that he owns the land and that there's no public access (despite it being part of Duffey Lake Provincial Park). Rather than cause trouble - or risk having my car vandalized - I simply left.

Edit: there was a piece about him in the Globe and Mail -

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