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Default Outram Splendor & Amazing Franz Aug.20/12

Mount Outram has been on my list for about 4 years, and finally accomplished it with my good friends Paul and John (JohnZ).

Paul had been there once before, and he drove us to the trailhead and lead us up the trail.
I have heard a lot about the length and the healthy elevation gain, and relished the thought of getting up there for the floral sights and lofty views.

6:15 a.m. saw Paul giving me a lift from Abbotsford and picking John up in Chilliwack and heading out from there about 7:00 a.m. We drove to the trailhead just before the west entrance of Manning Park, and hit the trail shortly after 8 am. Elevation near 670 meters. It was cloudy and we were hopeful of latter day sunshine according to the weather forecast.

There was this neat old engineering road put in the last century for mining...

Great trail heading up., neat forests, coral fungus.

We met an old gentleman on the way up, said hi, continued on and took our first snack and drink stop .. ..The single hiker (Franz) caught up to us and shared the rest break with us. Took our picture. We appeared to be heading up into a mist zone.

Finally we could see blue sky ahead of us and then we broke out into sunshine at about 1950 meters. Stopped for a bit by the lake to admire the scenery. A good place to put on sunscreen.

We asked about his experiences; and he ran off a long list of mountains of accomplishment. The stunning thing about him was his age, 80 years. And then more; he had undergone a quadruple bypass operation 4 years previously...And here he was hiking up Outgram. He admitted he had to watch his pace and heart rate during this ascent, he was setting a good pace. We admired his hiking pole; it was handed down to him from his grandfather and had all these neat metal plates attached with pictures of coat of arms and other old scenes. My guess this hiking pole is way over 100 years old.

We continued on our way; I lingered and enjoying taking photos of the meadows and flowers, and Franz did likewise with his new camera.

I headed up to follow John and Paul, and got the scree zone and could see John making his way up the rocks, with Paul out in front... So up and carefully headed up, with many of the rocks loose and easy to dislodge. A few solitary trees, including one beatup looking pine tree by its solitary self.

Got up near the top of the ridge close to the peak, and wowie a steep drop down I could see through a cleft...

....There is the summit with John and Paul on Top:

Arrived at the Summit, and the views were awesome:
I think this to be McLeod Peak and Mount Hatfield to the northwest.and beyond Manson Ridge..

We had an extended lunch, and Franz made his way up and joined us. pic 1 (3 of us); pic 2 (Franz).....

I recognized Coquihalla Mtn & Jim-Kelly in the distance to the north zoom #1 and Snass perhaps to the east zoom #2: .. and for Mt. Baker, Mt. McGuire, Baby Mundy to Cheam, and Slesse.

We headed back down, another stop and enjoyment of the meadows....

The trail down was reasonably quick and easy...enjoyed the character of the lower trail, the delicate brush growth onto the trail and the large trees lining the way.. ..

We returned to the parking lot shortly after 5 pm , a little more than 9 hours car to car for the 21 km round trip and elevation gain of 1780 meters to the 2450 meter summit. Excluding the 1 hour lunch stop on top and the two good breaks, we were hiking the trail for no more than 7-1/2 hours. GPS track to come...

This was one of the best hikes I had; awesome views; wild floral beauty, and great company.


Hiking is what keeps you young of mind and heart. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..............
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What a great TR; really got the feel of the day, and your enjoyment as the views opened up. I want to be hiking like Franz when I am 80. That's why I am hiking every day up here in Powell River, the new dog Maya makes every hike a joy.
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Franz sounds like a pretty cool dude . Glad you finally crossed this one off your list Karl and looks like you timed the flower show perfectly! [^]
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A most uplifting report, Karl! Your photos as usual are superb; I'm glad to see that it's not too late to catch the floral display in the Manning alpine.

You must be very happy to cross this great hike off your list. I wish I could have met Franz who must be a compatriot of mine, judging from his name and the plaques on his hiking pole. What an inspiration to us older hikers!
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Looks like good times Karl, sorry I missed it.
Great pictures, too!
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I hope I'm still trucking like Franz at 80[^]
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quote:Originally posted by mick range

I hope I'm still trucking like Franz at 80[^]
Ditto! Enjoyed reading this one Karl.
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All I can say is that it's about time you did this one Karl. What took you so long?
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Thank you everyone for your kind comments and compliments. I would be very happy to keep going like Franz at his age. What an inspiration.

Lynn; took a long time, just seemed other things got in the way; other hikes, work,,,,,

Here the google images of GPS tracks for this hike:

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I see you traded in the flannel for a sleaveless shirt.....digging the new look!
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According to some sources true summit of Outram is next bump north along crumbling ridge. It requires a bit of scrambling to cross the notch, but really offers no different views.

Very glad clouds cleared on the way up; that wildflower area is real standout. Great hike and report!
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Great trip report! I like the story of Franz being on top of outram after a major surgery at 80...amazing! I'm glad you guys got a clear sky for the summit.
I only went to the first bump on Outram (mainly because it was so socked in that I could barely see the second bump) but I feel like I made it to the top. It might be worth a return trip though after seeing your photos of the view. Well done.
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Great stuff, Karl. : ) Yes, the true summit is only 5-10 minutes further and not that difficult. I don't recall a sense of exposure. If I can do it, you surely could have. Katie couldn't, though.
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Nice place! Cool hiking pole!! I could never be trusted with something like that. I am way too drifty.... I lose stuff all over the place. I've got hats in restaurants all over Europe h'heee. Met a guy on the Appalchian trail who carved a ball in cage out of his hiking pole while sitting at dusk in the evenings. Ever see a ball in cage hiking pole? way cool. Looks to have been a great hike. Lots of elevation gain but worth it for the stunning views at the summit. Those peaks with the clouds draping and shrouding them looks like it's taken from a low flying plane. Amazing stuff!! wow.
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Gorgeous pics!
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