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Default Sunshine Coast/Powell Part 3: Sweet meets Savary

Today we were booked on a water taxi out of Lund to take us to Savary.
I think overall the “boat” was Alexa's favourite part.

We arrived and I managed to get myself, our overnight pack and the stroller with Alexa up the water taxi ramp and onto the dock.

And we were off to find Pascal's campsite. By now I had realized I'd forgotten the “map”. Oh well, Savary isn't THAT big – I should be able to find it… We made our way up the dusty road (hill) towards the small hub of the island (Pub and General Store). My plan being to stop in and ask for directions.

A young adult gave me some general directions (that sounded more complicated than they needed to be?) and off I went. I found a second person to ask along the way and that person referred me to another person passing by on a bike. Bike lady had to stop and think…

“That way, you'll see a house with a red roof (think barn) and Pascal's place is a beautiful cedar shake cabin. You can't miss it.”

Except somehow I do and by this time Alexa is sleeping. I did come across the camp site. That was obvious enough; but to find Pascal was another matter. I see another home-owner working in his yard. I ask for directions one last time and find Pascal's was the place just before the campsite and on the same side of the road. Finally locate it, there are a group of guys working on building a cabin on the property – I ask “Pascal's?” The answer is yes. OK – now I just have to figure out exactly where I'm to camp. (Apparently he had “full booking” through the weekend but was going to “make room for me”.) Eventually someone was found to help me out and a spot was chosen. Thankfully Alexa stayed sleeping and I was able to take the opportunity to set-up while my toddler snoozed.

Now having camp set up the plan was to explore the Island end to end. I wanted to see Indian Pt and a few items along the way. I chose to keep Alexa in the stroller (she was STILL sleeping at start) and take along the cloth carrier, a daypack and my camera. It was low tide; ideally I would walk the beaches wherever possible... umm..oh yeah for that A MAP would have been nice! If all else fails, there is a road that runs end to end and everything I've read says that there are very few cars on Savary; we could just walk the road.

I head off down that dusty road and quickly realize that what I'd read isn't entirely accurate any longer. There was more car traffic than I'd expected still not a whole lot by city standards but it was busy enough with a vehicle appearing every 10-15 minutes or so. A bike and trailer rental probably would have been a better choice…

I stop at the first obvious open beach access which I discover is Duck Bay.

I slip down the hill a bit to take a picture and Alexa wakes. Pretty good timing. The tide is low, the beach is beautiful. It was time to get her into the beachwear and let her go.

I keep trying to convince Alexa to walk to the far end of the bay with me but there is far far too much interesting stuff right at her toes. I quickly realize I'm not going to get far walking with a toddler on the beach and acquiesced. Perhaps after a good few hours playing and a snack she would be ready for another buggy ride…

After a few hours my plan comes together; soon after the start of the afternoon buggy ride she falls asleep again.

I walk the road past the protected “ancient dunes” and then past properties with slightly eccentric names like “Fawlty Towers” (complete with towers), “The Shire” and “The Price WAS Right”, past mini castles with knights in armor guarding the drive… Interesting. There are also trails I pass on both sides of the road as I walk along; I really would have liked to veer off to explore them too but I had a sleeping toddler in a buggy and the trails were not buggy friendly so we stuck to the road until a wide bike path veered to what I discovered was Savary Is Road. (We had been following Vancouver Blvd.)

Following this was much nicer, much less traffic and it wasn't long before we dropped down to the beach past a few more interesting properties near Indian Point.

We get to the beach and I let a now awake again Alexa out to stretch her legs and play on the beach. It's getting close to dinner time though and we don't stay long before heading back.

The road back was long and dusty, we sang Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, Green Anaconda, and then made up new variations to Wheels on the Bus crossed with Old MacDonald. Until Alexa had had enough (I was almost done myself) and thankfully we were just about back to Duck Bay. She needed another stop so we did and she played in the sand on the beach in the setting sun.

The day was getting late, I was hungry, I was sure she was hungry. By now I had abandoned my original plan of cooking dinner at camp. I asked Lexie what she would like for dinner at the pub. “PIZZA PIE” came the enthusiastic response. So we were off on one last leg to go get PIZZA PIE with me desperately hoping that the PUB did indeed offer it on the menu. We arrive, I let her out of the buggy and she practically bursts up the stairs to the deck and straight into the pub. “PIZZA PIE” …That's my girl.

Luckily they were able to accommodate her. Two slices of pizza later and a beer for mommy and we were off again back to camp.

I realized Alexa hadn't actually seen the tent or our campsite earlier and when we arrived she was quite excited explore the campsite and play in the tent. She joyously crawled onto her sleeping bag in the tent with a big smile on her face. Yep …that's my girl.

The Island map says Savary is 7.5k end to end, I think that measured distance is as the crow flies. Total trip registered more distance (via steps) than my recent walk to Frosty (by about 2k) though we did do quite a bit of back and forth on the beach. My guess is Alexa and I walked a little over 20km that day.

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Nice It is so dry there right! And I agree about the 7.5k......bulldudy! It's beautiful over there though eh,I love walking on the beach,seeing all the life! Another great and super cute tr
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Enjoyed this one.
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Pretty starfish on white sand! And famous arbutus there. Good to see them. Thanks.
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She's getting big!!!! Some nice uality time [^]
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Very dry, dusty and sandy. But wonderful beaches for sure.

Thanks everyone; lovin the quality time with Alexa. She's growing so fast and she's such a little sponge. I'd like to think that all of these little adventures of ours are helping to shape her appreciation for all the great stuff in the world available to her. Though today I gave her a choice between hiking and the zoo and she yells Zoo! And Train!!!

I guess its tough to compete with trains at this age.

Which makes me think we're going to have to ride the White Pass next year.
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One of the world's simple pleasures is Child Meets Beach. We were over on Texada yesterday with my step grandkids (3 and 4), lots of fun.
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