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Default Lazy Morning in East Sooke

I didn't have as much time as I had hoped for this weekend, and Sunday was supposed to be a scorcher, so instead of taking the Coast Trail end-to-end, I opted to mess around at the Pike Road end of things, in the woods... But it was really sweet in there, so I thought I'd share, and if you have a chance to check it out it is worth it.

When we left Langford the sun was getting hot, but as we approached the park the clouds became thick and I heard fog horns.

Ollie and I headed down Pike Rd trail to the viewpoint, which gave us a great chance to look at the fog...

There are sweet sedum rock gardens here.

The trail was really wide and well maintained, and the trail intersections were better marked than any park I've ever been in. Unreal.

Vertical gardening:

Then we headed to the beach, and took in the anemones and barnacles, and bull kelp in the mist. It even rained a little!

We took the first leg of the Coast Trail. At one point there was a bit of rock to climb down, for which I unclipped Ollie and told him to find his way down after me... and he responded by running off into the brush with his nose to the ground. OMG. So I hollered, and he ignored me, so I went after him... He found the motherlode: the carcass of a small deer that must have died before the winter. Thank goodness he did not roll on it... Ah, the things you only get to see when you have a dog with ya...

We leashed back up and continued along the trail til we reached the Coppermine Rd Trail (basically a road, unfortunately), and since the sun had come out and the rocks were getting hot, we turned into the woods. We checked out the entrance of the mine, but being solo decided not to sneak around in there.

Then we headed for "Mt" Maguire, and skipped up to the top, giving us a neat view and sunshine.

The Anderson Cove trail took us back to Pike road, and we headed back to Granny's, where Oliver lolled in the grass while I met my aunt for lunch at My Chosen Cafe, in Metchosin... Mmmmmmm, halibut burger. A pretty sweet relaxing morning. Next time, I will make time to explore the length of the Coast Trail.

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Nice! East Sooke is always a good place to spend time.

Also, My Chosen Cafe is awesome!
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Very very cool.

Ollie you are so handsome you'd almost get away with rolling in a carcass...almost.[xx(]

Nice tidepools.
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Some of the eroded rocks look pretty cool. I've been there quite a few times. It's a nice place; I prefer starting at Ayland Farm on the Becher Bay Rd.
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I almost started at Ayland Farm, I had the google maps directions to both points with me, but I don't get to the Island often so I opted for the further drive-which was really cool in itself, such a neat little twisty road 8) I know I will be back, I totally want to check out more of that park. Super fun!
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Nice pleasant outing, good way to enjoy the day outside .

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