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Default Tabletop & Anemone Mountains (Lizzie Lk)Sep 19 11

The Lizzie Lake Area has long been a trip I'd not tried due to the large road washout that happened back in late 2003. For a few years after there was talk of fixing things but that seems to have faded out and the 11km of logging road walking didn't really appeal to me with better access to many more mountains beyond Pemberton.

It is in 103 Hikes and Scrambles of SW BC books and it would be nice to cross off one of the few remaining in 103 I've not done. Recent detailed reports from Ryan and trailrunner showed me the beauty of the alpine in the area (Ryan) and gave a good idea of time (trailrunner) to at least check out a couple of peaks.

Overview of area. Ryan's 3 day TR. trailrunner's detailed approach TR.

Unlike trailrunner I'm not running but do plan on hiking fast. From Lillooet Lake Road I drive up the Lizzie Lake Main for less than a km and turn left on to Phacelia Creek Road (just before the huge washout on Lizzie Main), go up that a bit and park next to where the bypass trail starts.

See the other's reports for more descriptive descriptions and pictures of the route from here. I followed the bypass trail, got down to Lizzie Main past the washout and then started up the quite grown in but still very obvious road. I've got about 11km of this and the bush is quite wet from dew/rain overnight and in very short order I'm very wet.

I'd decided to go with waterproof trail shoes and gaiters which held up quite well for the first 7km or so and then they were overwhelmed. East Lizzie Creek was crossed and then the grade increased a little bit after that as I wound my way up to finally hit Lizzie Lake. The trail from there through the forest was nice with pink flagging to help get through the decent amount of large windfall.

Beyond that I cross the boulder field (Gates of Shangri La) which was a little slick with wet lichen and shortly after I get to The Lizzie Creek Cabin. There I exchange all my wet clothing for dry and hang the wet up on the cabin porch. I still had the wet shoes and socks (and kept my gaiters on in a wink and a nod to DBlair[}]). A few blackflies around but no mosquitoes. I had a quick look inside the cabin too. The thermostat (and sign) is a nice touch

Consulting the Scrambles book I follow it's directions to get to Arrowhead Lake. After crossing a creek I stay mostly left at junctions, following a trail up past a cascade and there's the lake along with a view of the 2 peaks I want to ascend.

Arrowhead Lake with Anemone and Tabletop beyond.

Passing the lake I ascend a bit more and soon get to Heart Lake. From there I follow the trail as it winds above the lake and then take a left at a split. Marmots are whistling like crazy and I see 3 of them as I make my way up to the col between the 2 peaks. Before reaching the col the trail peters out and I make my way to it on talus, snow and heather.

The route up Tabletop.

Class 2 with 3 if you go looking for it and in no time I'm on top and hoping the cloud clears off some of the peaks. Other mountains though are looking good and near all of them are new to me. According to my GPS, the nearest peaks I've done before are Gideon (16km away) and Snowspider - both not visble from here.

1. 2235m summit shot (complete with semi old school cycling shorts). Reflection and Contemplation the 2 peaks centre behind me. Asherah and Meditation far left and right respectively in cloud.
2. Looking down (southeast) towards Iceberg Lake. Nahatlatch area at rear.
3. NNW view towards Priory, Meadow Dome and Bellavista Ridge. The east fork of Lizzie Creek in the valley below (that spur road looked very overgrown from up here).
4. Caltha Lake and Peak to the east. Also the entrance area to The Stein Valley Traverse Trail. Petlushkwohap and Skihist visible back left to centre. Caltha Lake is also one of the headwaters of Rogers Creek.
5. And a look at where I'm headed: Anemone Mountain. I think Lizzie Peak and Siamese Twins are the 2 peaks on it's left shoulder.

The bowl where I came from - Heart and Arrowhead Lakes.

After about 50 minutes and some improvement with the clouds I descended and had a pleasant scramble up Anemone which is 30m higher than Tabletop. Once here I had some food and spent a further 45 minutes or so taking pictures with 2 cameras. By now a few more mountains were cloud free.

Zooming in (to the ESE) on the intrigingly named Mount Skook Jim. A peak I've wanted to get a good look at for a long time. Iceberg Lake lower right.

North to northwest view showing Asherah, Reflection, Contemplation, Meditation (with fresh snow), Lindisfarne and Aurora.

Anemone summit block at left. Priory and Meadow Dome middle distance. The Place Glacier area (in some cloud) and Cayoosh visible way back right side.

Northern zoom and a nice south aspect of some of The Joffre Group: Tszil just visible far left followed by Slalok, Spetch, Hartzell, Matier, Joffre and Howard. Twin Two is the double peak in front of them with Bellavista in the foreground.

Looking back towards Tabletop with Caltha behind it. Tundra is to the left and Skook Jim area the right.

2265m summit shot. Meditation, Lindisfarne, Aurora and Tundra at rear.

A couple of mountain names like Reflection and Contemplation are unofficial names but so called due to Meditation being nearby.

One last look at Iceberg Lake with Arrowhead Mountain rising above right of it and The Nahatlatch Massif at rear.

With time getting on and thoughts of the long road back in my head I eventually descended the peak and retraced my steps back down to the lakes. The marmots were running around and shrilling like crazy as I picked up the trail down to Heart Lake.

A marmot with his mouth wide open in mid whistle (wicked looking teeth).

Really nice area (and plenty more of it nearby).

After the above shot I soon get back into the valley, lose the views and reach the cabin. Most of my clothing has dried out and I switch back over to just a T-shirt for the rest of the walk out as it's pretty warm out.

1 minute chill out at the cabin.

Not much to say about the rest of the trip. It took a bit of time but having the ipod for the logging road walk took my mind off the long trudge. Key tunes were "Last Parade" by Matthew Good and "Fire" by Kasabian (sung loudly very off key).

The sun had just set by the time I reached the bypass trail but no need for the headlamp and I get back to my vehicle and find a beer (Stanley Park Noble Pilsner) that goes down very well. Round trip was about 35km with a cumulative elevation gain of around 2200m and a time of just under 10.5 hours.

This was a good end to the seemingly abreviated summer hiking season for 2011 but I'm hoping that things can hold on a little longer as there are a couple more places I'd like to see before the heavy snow flies.

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Nice report. Looks like a good area for backpacking.
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Very nice to see someone back in that area so soon

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That area has a nice and distinct aura about it. "Gates of Shangri La", great name. You are simply going to have to hump a tent up there to climb some of the other awesome peaks up there!
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I can not believe you sat down for a minute

You must have gone through a couple pair of shoes this year....
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What a fantastic and timely report(for me)! Ryan's report was great but reading yours is a just exact bang on my dream coming true so soon. What a joyful reading. As I was reading I felt like that I went there with you. I will read this report repeatedly like my own! Thank you, thank you Simon. And I kept forgettng to mention but the quality of photos are just amazing.

Looking forward to your next exciting report.
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I guess the road is too overgrown for a bike then?
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awesome trip! i am so jealous you can pick nice week days to bag peaks.
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Nice trip man! I'm also jealous of your flexible work schedule but glad you keep on gittin' er done and inspiring the likes of me I've not even heard of most of the peaks you identified, let alone seen them for myself (it is BC though so maybe this isn't surprising...)
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thecamel, a bike would be good for some of the ascent and great for the descent as most of the bush you could push/ride through. The problem is carrying the bike on the bypass trail for near a km. It's narrow and has some erosion issues, steep at times and drop offs in places. Lizzie Creek was raging pretty good when I was there and fording that right now would be difficult near the washout.

Burndug, yeah my not quite a year old hiking boots have both split on the sides. Trail shoes are holding up good so far.

trailrunner, thanks for the idea to check this area out.

EAK, you are absolutely right - an overnighter to check out some of the higher peaks east of where I got too would be wonderful. Especially if they fixed the road (or even half of it).

Jeff, I'm thankful to have a job that allows some leeway to take days off (sometimes) with short notice.
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What an incredible looking area! Well done Simon! Hope you'll get to cross off those last few hikes and scrambles that you wish to complete soon.
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Did I just see Simon type "overnighter"?

It was great to revisit the area but this time, through your eyes in a different way. I've always meant to return and spend more time in that alpine.
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thanks for this! this is pretty neat to me, it was my first hike, the very first multi day-overnighter I did was at arrowhead lake on our start of a 10 day trip, those peaks bring back great memories, havent been there since I was 14, 17 years ago. Great TR, Thanks!
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Great teamwork Ryan, trailrunner and simonc; even if it was on completely different trips.
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Great job Simon, looks like you had a nice day to yourself up there. You going to get some skis this year? If you had have got into them after doing Forddred, you'd be awesome by now.
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