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Default Nudity on Breakenridge!!! June 18th-19th 2011

Ok I admit there was no nudity up on Breakenridge Mt and the sole purpose of naming it such a provocative title is to stand out as not the same trip report as Marduk's from last weekend with Matthew Baldwin.

Originally our group consisted of Leimrod, Matthew Baldwin and I attempting to summit Breakenridge back in April. We failed our first attempt due to a lack of understanding of just how hot and scorched one can become without protection from the sun on a glistening snow field. As circumstances would have it this time around we would have to settle for two separate and successful attempts, Marduk and Matthew last weekend and Leimrod , Springbow and I this weekend. For myself I would like to consider both t.r's from last weekend and this t.r. as one and the same due to a combined effort.

Late last work week Leimrod, Springbow and I were tossing around the idea of summiting Breakenridge with a few bailout options if the Mountain Forecast didn't look promising on the Saturday morning. As it turns out right up to the morning of Saturday it showed the weather on Breakenridge would be cloudy with rain in the morning and afternoon and clear skies in the evening and it was right! Sunday showed clear skies for the entire day right through until about mid week. On our way up starting from my place in Vancouver we left at around 630 in the morning it rained all the way out to the trailhead located up the English Creek fsr at around 525m. The road has been deactivated and there are some nasty cross ditches that you will need high clearance for Ie;Forunner or jeep. Packs full and weighing around 35-40 lbs a person we headed into the wild with our hearts even fuller of a common desire to reach Breakenridge's summit. Leigh had suggested during our planning stages after our failed attempt that we take a system of deactivated f.s.r roads, a shortcut through some old snow covered cutblocks, a creek which then led up to gain the main gulley below the summit of Breakenridge, as it would turn out Leigh isn't too shabby of a route planner at all the ascent although (at no fault of Leigh's) filled to the brim with elevation gain, relatively straight forward. Leigh's route would have us at base camp right below the summit in about 7.5 hours with plenty of photo and rest breaks.

When we were approaching what we would call basecamp the skies opened and began to give us some of the most spectacular views I think I have ever seen. From the Plateau just below the summit we could see a clear view of Traverse Peak and Brekenridge's sub summit SW2 and last but not least Breakenridge summit itself. Standing on the plateau staring at the beauty surrounding us and the fact that we were so near the summit it would be easy to lose track of time, but we knew we had only a couple of hours of daylight to set up camp, so setting up camp became our first priority. We built ourselves a flat dugout in the snow to act as a wind block and a flat area to put our tents, alot of hard work and well worth the effort. After a long hike dinner was at the top of everyone's priority list, so chicken teriyaki for moi and beef stew with mashed potatoes for Leigh and spring it would be. I think after about 5 consecutive trips of chicken teriyaki I won't be able to touch another one for a long time! Any suggestions?
After dinner Spring shared her gourmet jellybeans with me and we all stared out at the partially illuminated marvel which surrounded us. We planned to wake up at 4 am, so that we would have what would end up being one of the most amazing moments of our lives, sunset on Breakenridge! Off to bed it was.

I woke up around 3:12 am without alarm, peeked out my tent and could see nothing but clear skies once again and cloud cover below as far as the eye could see. It was going to be a beautiful morning for a summit, is it any surprise I couldn't get back to sleep? Leigh and Springs alarm went off at 4 am and without delay off we were kick stepping in to the crusty wall in front of us to the summit. On approach we took extra consideration as to just how close to the knife edge summit edge was safe, there was about 10' of snow packed shearly on it and if it gave way even from a distance we could slide outwards and right off. Within a short time Sunday morning we had accomplished two things; summit Breakenridge and watch the sunrise on Breakenridge, a spectacular morning it was! I'll let the pics speak for themselves

Our plan was to also summit SW2 which was only 1.5km away, but after such an early morning we decided a little shut eye would be nice. When we woke up we were all in shock at how badly had gotten Sunday's forecast wrong, instead of clear skies all day long, we had to say goodbye to not only the sunshine, but our hopes of also summiting SW2 as visibility was only around 50'. We broke camp and began our descent down to my truck awaiting. It took us around 4 hours to descend. The promise of greasy burgers and fries kept us on the fast track back to civilisation, so a speedy exit off the English f.s.r. and Harrison east f.s.r it would be.

I would like to take a moment to thank our unofficial sponsor A&W for their contribution to our nutritional requirements, if it wasn't for the burger family I'm not sure we'd be able to do what we do out there in the mountains.

Pics 1-9 on our way crossing creeks and waterfalls.
Pics 10-17 out of the cutblocks working our way through old growth forest and then through the main gulley before Breakenridge summit.

18-28 mostly different vantage points from plateau below summit, some photos include label.
18)Breakenridge and gendarms 21)Traverse Peak 23) Springbow and Breakenridge 24)SW2 summit 26) SW2 closeup 28)SW2 unobstructed

29)Good morning SW2 30)Leigh and Spring kickstepping up to summit 31)Leigh and Spring on summit 32)Traverse Peak from summit 33)Leigh on summit 34) sunrise on Breakenridge
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I still can't believe the window we got Sat night thru to early Sun morning.[^] Great TR Paul and some really great shots! Will add some photos as soon as I get a chance.

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Very nice you guys. Some beautiful photos. This will be on my list for next year I think.
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Very nice fog shots.

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Jealous on the views! We missed out when we where up there. Thanks for going up there and bringing back some photos
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Oh yeah, that's the stuff![^]
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You haven't see Leigh's photos yet, simply awesome
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quote:Originally posted by MatthewBaldwin

Jealous on the views! We missed out when we where up there. Thanks for going up there and bringing back some photos
Spectacular above the clouds shots, those are amazing to see.
Awesome trip you guys and congrats on getting up there with great views.
I must have read wrong. I thought you were up there on this trip also, Matthew. [|)]
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Stunning photos to go along with your fun read tr very much enjoyed . You got some really awesome sunrise photos...

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Just another random Breakenridge report eh? Will be checking back for more pics later - two thumbs up [8D]
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Mission accomplished! Nice work Paul and team. You got some real keepers in that photo set.

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good job.
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Also suckered in by suggestions of nudity. How fun!

I am disappointed. I expect a repeat trip, this time with at least partial nudity, photographs to boot.

Though your photographs are pretty great... and it does sound like you all had a good time. Ok fine, good trip report, despite the luring!

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Amazing shots! This sounds like quite the trip.
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What can I say other than awesome? Awesome!

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