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Hyla.regilla 06-17-2011 12:07 PM

Class trip to Cleveland Dam
The bad news was that I couldn't cash in some banked time at work to join Lyda and Jenny on their trip to Alder Flats, etc. The good news is that it was because I was already booked for a hike with a wonderful class at a North Shore school as part of the environmental education program I coordinate as part of my job.

The class I worked with was fantastic! The students did really well on the hike, even at the few steeper areas we climbed. They worked well together (one even administering care to her partner who had tripped and scraped her knee along the way until I could arrive with the first aid kit); made good observations of the natural features around them; asked thoughtful questions; and did well at remembering what we'd learned along way and at applying concepts they had learned from other programs they'd participated in.

For this hike, we started at the school first thing in the morning, made our way through Capilano Regional Park to the to the salmon hatchery, then up to the dam. We began a little later than planned thanks to the riot so-and-sos because I got stuck in the extra downtown traffic congestion the next morning while trying to get to the Lion's Gate Bridge. Despite the slight hiccup in start times, we made good time having lunch at the hatchery and still making it to the Cleveland Dam. We arrived only slightly late back to the school at the end of the day.

Because I was leading the nature walk/hike I wasn't able to take pictures on the way up to the dam, but did manage some at the breaks we took for lunch, viewing the hatchery, and exploring the dam on the way up, as well as on the way back to the school, where we were moving fairly quickly without interpretive stops along the way.

Here are some of the photos I managed to take:

The accompanying adults - thank you for the help!

The children enjoyed looking at the river,

which does offer some pretty views.

Getting to check out the salmon in the hatchery was a real hit.

Even though we didn't see any fish in the river, we still had fun looking for them.

A glimpse of the dam gave motivation for the final climb (on stairs vs. the roots we'd just traversed) to the top.

We enjoyed exploring on the dam, including looking over the reservoir (very difficult for a petite person like me to photo through the fence), and downstream over the flow from the dam.

An informal poll conducted by two of the students and I revealed that 'if the flow were a water slide', 9 of the people on the hike would not go on it, 10 would, and 2 might if offered enough money. We had to leave and move quickly to get back to class before we could survey the other 9 participants.

We hoofed it back to class, the children doing really well despite being tired from the trip up. Guess their training running laps around the school paid off eh?

Despite our speed, were we still able to notice a pretty little creek, several slugs, and some devil's club along the way.

With happiness for having made it, and sadness for leaving, we got to the end of the park, then made our way *carefully* along the highway back to school.

Thank you class, teachers, and 'mom' for a wonderful day!

KARVITK 06-19-2011 10:23 AM


That is one of the beautiful spots, the public can enjoy with doing a good hike. Ready access for many to enjoy.


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