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Default Mt. Septimus/9-Peaks July 1 - 7

Thursday, July 1, we left the truck at the Bedwell Lake trailhead at noon. The weather was overcast. We encountered patches of snow about 10 minutes before Baby Bedwell Lake. The tent pads are snow free at Baby Bedwell and Bedwell Lakes. Snow becomes continuous at Bedwell Lake.The weather continued to deteriorate as we headed for Cream Lake. By Little Jim Lake, visibility was down to about 50 feet. Made our way to Cream Lake in very slurpy snow conditions. Depth of snow at Cream Lake was 2-3 meters at the big rock. We could walk across the lake.
Friday, we awoke to blue skies, so we headed for the X-gully to have a go at Mt. Septimus. Snow conditions were soft and not in our favour, but we made it up to the notch, descended the other side, crossed the glacier, and gained the ridge. Snow conditions worsened considerably up here, so we turned back for an early lunch at the top of the X-gully. As we were making our way back down the gully, we could see our friends coming down the ridge from Little Jim Lake.
Day 3 found us heading up the West gully to do a bit of climbing on the West Buttress with our friends

Day 4-Our friends were leaving for civilization, and we were heading for Big Interior Mountain on our way to 9-Peaks. As we approached Little Jim Lake, the weather rolled in and visibility dropped to about 25 feet. We encountered people from the Alpine Club at this point who had come from Big Interior and 9-Peaks, so we were able to follow their tracks (Thanks Guys).
We slogged over to Big Interior, up the glacier to the summit, and down the other side till we found a flat spot below the ridge to camp. We still couldn't see anything.
Day 5 dawned bright and COLD. The snow froze up overnight, so we donned our crampons and headed for 9-peaks. 2.5 hours later we were looking down from the summit.
We then headed back to camp, packed up, summitted Big Interior AGAIN, saw Bedwell Lake below us, and off in the distance, and decided to make for it. We put in a long day, but the snow free tent pad was like a 5-star hotel.

Day 6 we scouted out the trail to Tom Taylor around Bedwell Lake, but had already decided to put this one on hold for now as we could see plenty of large cornices, recent avi activity, and heard a couple of ice falls.
Day 7 we headed for home.
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Nice trip, you have some good pictures there. I've never heard anyone describe snow as 'slurpy'... made me laugh.
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Way cool! what an amazing trek. My favorite is the one where there are two of you tucked away in the crag with the snowfield below. My hiking is somewhat suspended. Truck bit the dust.
Now I have no way into the back country down here. D'oh!
It's 106 right now. Just came back from a short walk about and my sneakers were burning my feet. Your slurpy lake looks delicious!! Blue, icy water. that sure is some beautiful country, up there! wow!!
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What an amazing trip and some stunning photos. Looks and sounds like it was a bit tough going at points, fair play for staying out for the week!
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Some pretty spots there, quite a steep slope with one of you making his way across there.

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Nice work... I was set to bag both Septi and Nine Peaks last summer but plans were foiled by heavy rain and lightning.

How was the bergshrund on Nine Peaks? Still under snow?

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NIce report,seems to be a nice mountain to hike

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No bergshrunds and no moats... still a ton of seasonal snow.
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Holy sheitt..that makes me shiver..[:0]

Nice pics..
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Nice Picture for sure....That looks fun !! Any big cornices above?
Cool place. Excellent pics.

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Default cream lake to Mt.Septmimus


I was wondering about your W aspect approach up Mt.Septimus, did you need any technical climbing gear to summit the mountain? I've read some blogs saying that some trad climbing was necessary and some saying all they needed were axes. I would prefer a route without any trad climbing, do you think it would be possible to do Cream lake up Mt.Septimus without?

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First time I've been on this site for a while. The W approach above Love Lake is rated low 5th. We didn't rope up for the summit except to do one rappel along the ridge between Rosseau and Septimus. Then we did a couple of raps down.
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