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Default Family Thanksgiving at Strike Lake

Greetings Club Treaders. It's been quite awhile since I've been on CT, but I thought I would put up a quickie trip report for your reading / viewing pleasure.

Most of our friends on CT know we had an addition to our family in mid-May. Zahra is now almost 5 months and after a busy summer of family events and taking care of a newborn, Mayhem and I decided that we needed one quick overnighter before the weather turned nasty for the winter. I had been out to the Stein Valley on the Easter weekend, but Mayhem has not had a bag night in over a year. We picked Strike Lake in Manning Park for an easy bag night.

What would backpacking with a 5 month old baby be like? Pretty easy! Here's a few photos

Yeah, yeah, look at me! The responsible parent (OMFG!)

Mayhem carried Zahra in our new Dueter Kid Comfort III baby backpack, with some gear odds n'ends, and I loaded up my pack with pretty much everything else.

Tucker is such a good dog. Loves to carry his doggie backpack and is very gentle with Zahra.

Mmmmmmm - Gotta have a good breakfast!

We had a great time. We went in Friday and came out Saturday. The trail was very quiet. There were two other tents with 3 people at Strike Camp. It got frikin COLD overnight. To at least -5C. There was over a half inch of ice in our water bucket in the morning. Good thing it was easy to get a fire going to warm up. Zahra was a well behaved dream baby the entire trip and we all had a great time.

See ya in the spring CT!
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Killer pix. Mom and baby look pretty darn happy here...

Got a trail name for Zahra yet? Should be something with "star" in it.
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Freagin awesome you guys [^] [8D]
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It's wonderful to see the family out! Zahra is beautiful! I'm glad Tucker is a gentle doggie to your new addition.
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Good to see your still out there Hiking_nut. Looks like the day time weather was good for you, even with the cooler nights it's always good to get out.
I gotta say my favorite pic is this one

What a lil' sweetheart. Big smile and bright eyes = happy baby. There must be a few extra challenges when backpacking with infants but looks like you both make it look easy. Don't be a stranger, always liked your input etc...
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great post! Glad to see the little one having fun too
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We were thinking about you guys the other night.

Looks like Zahra's first backpack was a huge success! Nice looking Deuter
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Wow, what a dream family day! I'm glad your youngster is being raised to follow in your footsteps
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Saw your car in the Lightning Lakes Parking lot. Glad to see you had a good time.
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Right on bro! Glad it went well! I love the kid pack.

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Nice to see that you guys had such an awesome time! Kudos to you for getting out!
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- Sweet!

Never heard that you'd had an "addition" to your family...Congrats. Looks like everyone had a good time, well done in getting the young one acclimated to the outdoors early!

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I've been away from CT for a while and am catching up.

Great family TR, Tucker, Zahra, HN and Mayhem! Zahra is such a cutie in her back pack. Looks like the start of many happy hiking miles to come!
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Gee , I missed this too. Great shots Toddy. Zahra is a real cutie.
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