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Default Cathedral Park, Jun 29-Jul 1 2008

Sunday afternoon, after being delayed by a shuttle, we set off from Quiniscoe lake campground towards Ladyslipper lake. Followed the trail to the Rim, passed Stone City, Smokey the Bear and Giant Cleft towards Grimface Mtn.

Grimface itself is an excellent scramble.

On the way back we dropped down to Glacier lake and crossed the ridge to the Quiniscoe lake campground.

The next day the plan was hike up to Goat lake, up the scree to Boxcar-Denture Ridge col, have some fun on Denture Ridge and finish the loop over Boxcar and Lakeview Mtns. Beautiful morning and having lots of time, we started well after 9am. This proved to be a mistake, as the local weather can quickly change. By the time we got to the col, the grey clouds started to appear. We quickly summitted Denture, but by the time we got back to the col the sky looked ominous, with only a small patch of blue above Boxcar. Down the scree then, and back to the camp. Had to make two quick stops under the trees, when hail became too painful. The lightning on the ridges made for a magnificent backdrop.

Tuesday morning – blue sky again. Lesson learned - we started shortly after 7:30am. This time we split. Eva and I heading towards Pyramid Mtn, while Chris went back to bag Lakeview Mtn. The scramble was nice, but I enjoyed Denture ridge more (definitely more than a 1-star scramble IMO). The ridge connecting the Pyramid sub-summit with the Rim was actually more fun than the ascent, especially when you opt to stay on the ridge-crest instead of following the trail.

From there we hiked up Quiniscoe Mtn. The dark clouds started to chase us again, so the traverse of Red Mtn was quick and we stopped only on the other side, where the trees started to shelter us a bit.

Got to the camp just before the rain started, finished packing just after the tent got wet. Kung-fu chipmunk waved us a good-bye.

Overall, great trip. [^]
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Beauty pics and trail.
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What, no pictures of the lightning?

Wonderful stuff really...
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Grimface !!!
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I can't get enough of that park. Enjoyed your TR...

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How were the bugs?
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Some really nice shots of the area. ya so how "were" the bugs ?
I might be tempted to do a solo (God,forbid) run up there.
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Now that is a place I have to get to !
Nice hailstorm that was, according to Chris
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Your photos show why this area is so highly rated.

Fabulous scenery, I thought it was a bit expensive to get up there, but looks like it is worth it.

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Great TR and love the photo's, another park that I have to get to! so much to see so little time.
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So many beautiful pictures.

This pic made me want to go there tonight!
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A most excellent trip! Nice one [8D]
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Great report and the weather was considerably nicer compared to when I went there.
Great pics too. Have to go back again sometime. This TR is really making me etch to go.
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Exquisite pictures, what a fun place!
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