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Default Sawback trail

This is my first trip report,so here it goes. I had a week off the 2nd week of June and was going to meet my brother,who lives in Gibson B.C, in Kamloops and then carry on to Bella Coola for the week.In the days leading up to this,a high pressure system flowed into the mountain parks and my brain went into backpack mode.It rains here a lot in June so this was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Long story short. My bro got a flight on monday and I picked him up in Calgary on friday and we left the Mt Norquay parking lot on the RAIN.We had rain on and off for the first few hours and then it cleared for the remainder of the day. We hiked up forty mile creek to the cg at km 18. The trail up is'nt very scenic except for views back down the trail towards Mts Louis and Edith.Did I mention that this was my bros first ever backpacking trip? 18ks down 57 to go.I felt really bad about his feet.If this trip is done over 5 days,there will be a 20+km day involved. The second day we travelled up over Mystic pass. This is a beautiful place to stop for lunch and a nap.The trail loses elevation quickly off the north side of the pass and spits you out at Johnson creek. The walk up Johnson cr is on a horse trail.Wide and rocky! We stayed at Jo 18 beside the creek.The day was 22kms long and 13 hours. Needless to say that my bro was unprepared for this. I learned a lot about patience and tolarence that day. The walk from here over Pusitilla pass is by far the most beautiful sub alpine larch forest I have had the pleasure of seeing. BREATH TAKING! We sat at the pass for an hour looking down the north side into Wildflower valley,which is as beautiful as upper Johnson creek.The trail down to baker creek and the campground is straight forward with one ford of Wildflower creek. An easy 16 km walk for my bros bruised and blistered feet. The walk from here into Skoki is an easy 6kms.Great views from cottongrass pass and the Baker lake cg.The Skoki region is one of grandest wildflower meadows anywhere.Its one of my favorite places to visit.From the baker lake cg to fish creek trailhead is 14kms with most of it down hill.My bro never stopped the last day.He knew that the truck was down there his sandles were in his pack and the food was cooked in a kitchen at the Lake Louise hostel.All in all he had a great time and vows to backpack again.We had sunny days and rainy nights for the entire trip,except the last day it rained all the way out. The trails were muddy the entire distance with snow at higher elevations.We seen hundreds of bear tracks but no bears.Must be doing something right.We also seen wolf tracks and cougar tracks.I recommend this trip in June,because most people do it when the flowers and the BUGS are out. We did'nt see anybody for 5 days and there were a few bugs.
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Thanks for the report...we are going to do the curcuit version of the Sawback in September.
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well done! Thanks for the nice TR

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Here are some of the pictures from the trip. My feet finally did heal (no pun) amazing what a year will do. I must say as a first trip The Sawback Trail was amazing. I have done few day hikes in the Rockies but nothing prepared me for the scenery and solitude of being away from civilisation.

On the trail to Mystic Junction Campground

Mystic Pass

Drainage from Mystic Pass down to Johnston Creek

Pulsatilla Pass in distance

Does this climb ever end??

Breathtaking view from Pulsatilla Pass

Bonnet Glacier

Rain on the last day.

Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures accompanying gunthur's trip report.

This trip will live with me forever. Thanks Bro.
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What a great trip- fantastic views, really enjoyed your pics
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Thanx for a report on an area I did not know before.
Great trip and awesome pics. Welcome to CT. [^]
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Now, this would be neat area to visit. So much interesting terrain to explore......

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This was your first and only TR posted on this site. Would be good to see more reports of your outings in Alberta.

I tried to reply via email to you, however all attempts to contact you have been rejected by the post-master.

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We are planning to go on the Sawback Trail next July! Where the bugs are out ! Is it really bad during the Summer though?
Also we are complete beginners but will train up for the hike and spend 7 days on it instead of 5 so it should be doable for beginners too right?

Anyhow super nice pictures would love to know what camera you used to take those !!!
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