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Default Mount saint Helens ski 2008

July 10 -11 Mount saint Helens ski 2008 Mike,Andy Traslin photos Story by mike

Andy and I have been wanting to ski mount saint Helens for years especially since it blew up on andys birthday same day that is may 18.But because it was lower on the list due to the surrounding peaks,mount hood,adams,rainer,and lack of time it just did not happen.Finally we had time to knock this one off.We headed out Thursday at about 10 am,the us boarder had there usuall delays,once past it was a 6 or 7 hour drive in blazing heat to the town of cougar.Since permits were booked solid from early june we thought we would hope for the best and luck out.Five people backed out for the next day,great were in only thing is the lady issueing the permit only took American cash,no visa no bank card.So I proceed to the local atm and the little machine runs out of money,I wait about forty five minutes while the young lady figures out how to fill the machine with cash.With cash in hand I am finally able to buy the permit.We drove to the marble mountain snow park which is the normal winter route up mount saint Helens,it also where we decided to camp.The summer trail due to a record snowpack was still closed(climbers bivouac)Thanks to anouther climber we were up early around five am and left camp around six.Expecting a very hot day we brought plenty of water.Basically we hiked skied,skinned to the summit in about five hours,then took about a thirty minute nap in the sun.We hit the corn snow cycle around one pm and it was perfect, good fast turns from top to bottom.I think we past about fifty or sixty climbers coming up,the later crew that drives out from Portland.My only regret is I did not get to climb ski mount saint Helens before it blew up,thankfull it did not explode while we were climbing it.Have fun out there and play safe!Later

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