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quote:Originally posted by brucew

Sans = Without; deprived or destitute of.
I enjoy being lost in the hills which I climb. I like the idea of bushwhacking and crawling around in the woods . Having a map, compass , or any tech stuff to find my way just wipes out the feeling of exploring . I guess with oreinteering you are getting to a destination the quickest way without the exploring aspect. A thrill to some but not to me. My opinion only.
I agree with you Bruce. I prefer to bushwack and explore also, and if you ever read any of my TR's, I don't use them gadgets much either. But sometimes it's nice to do that with others, or there are others that would like to do it to but are not experienced enough to go off the trails. Orienteering will teach and give these hikers confidence to that using any type of gadgets or nothing at all.
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