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I love my Patagonia hardshell and would buy the brand again. I can't compare to Dead-Bird because I can't afford their clothes. I've had some of their packs and they were great, but when I looked at hard and soft shells, the prices weren't a "premium." They were so much higher I couldn't afford them no matter how much I wanted one.

Last winter Yamnuska guiding was selling their Arc'teryx "Yamnuska" labelled jackets for $300, but they only had XL left, hence the great deal. I could have fit an Everest-style down suit, or two, underneath. Oh, well.

I need to replace my softshell pants, and the Patagonia, Cloudveil and MEC pants are mostly in the $150-180 range for some pretty nice pants. The least expensive Arc'teryx ones I found are $320. Twice the price. Jeez, I'd love to buy Canadian made, but the reality is that if ALL the softshell pants were $300+ (as they were at one time) I'd buy NONE. I just plain can't spend $300 on softshell pants.

Now, I see lots of guys out in the their Alpha LT's, but they are mostly pros that didn't shell out $600 for the jacket...
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