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Default CJB 2013

3 July. Grouse via BCMC, service road. 853m + 103m = 956m. Lack of fitness; wild bird show; coconut water.

10 July. Grouse via BCMC, Flint & Feather, service road. 956m. Scamper; Great Horned Owl; baby hawks; 1940s puritanical Skyride dress code.

16 July. BCMC, F&F, lodge, Dam Mountain. 853m + 264m = 1117m. Naptime; bug cloud; imminent thunderstorm.

29 September. BCMC w/ Scamper. Wet. 853m.

1 October. BCMC. Wet, surprisingly busy. Huge white Walt Disney flakes coming down at the lodge. 853m.

8 October. BCMC. Late start, c. 630pm, last half hour in the dark, still managing to pass a few folks with headlamps. Time to bust out mine! 853m.

9 October. Burnaby Mountain "mixed use" trails at twilight. First time ever up Burnaby Mountain by foot, dodging bikers hurtling down 25%+ slopes. Some nice big Douglas firs up there. With Mad Owl Woman. 200m.

16 October. Baden Powell to Grey Rock. w/ MOW. Hey, it gets dark fast in the forest! MOW: head lamp. CJB: moon light. Plus a quick stop at the (awesome) Deep Cove pub. 200m cumulative.

20 October. Grey Rock again, not quite awake. 200m. With my long-suffering pal D.

27 October. Statlu Lake, w/ Dru & Eryne & G. & A. 275m, felt like more. Pacific Golden Chanterelles. Feeling it this morning.

Annual total, 6463m.

Previous years for comparison:

2012 1353m
2011 0m [B)]
2010 16881m
2009 5467m
2008 12562m
2007 3602m
2006 16292m
2005 14734m
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