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Default I'd appreciate advice on GPS

I'm thinking about buying Garmin GPS 60 or Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. Both of them got good reviews and are not expensive. I need a GPS for hiking, scrambling and backcountry skiing only.

I have a couple of questions about Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. mentions that built-in memory and microSD card are not included. Do I have to buy a memory card and a microSD card extra? If I understand correctly a microSD card is required to store additional maps. This brings a new question. Does this GPS come with maps or those maps must be purchased separately? If I understand correctly free topo maps of Canada can be downloaded at ? Does it mean I don't need MAPSOURCE software? Do I need it or anything else to transfer waypoints there and back?

I have never used a GPS before so I apologize if my questions sound stupid. I would appreciate your response.
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