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Default Magnetic Declination

Hello everyone, I am relatively new to Canada from the UK which is what my experience of compass work is based on. When in the UK a familiar term to factor in the declination/ variation is "Mag to Grid - Get rid" ( Meaning subtract whatever the declination value is from your bearing when taking a magnetic bearing and transferring it to a map. ) or "Grid to Mag - Add" ( Meaning add the declination value to your bearing when taking a bearing from your map and shooting it in the field. ) Seem ok so far ?
Well the issue I have over here is that the position of MAG North has now changed for me since moving to western Canada. Rather than being a few degrees to the west of my European maps the declination now is around 17 degrees to the east. This obviously makes less room for error ( with the declination difference being much more severe.)
My main question is this :-
Would I be right in saying my old method of applying magnetic variation / declination should be reversed to accomodate the change in my relation to MAG North ?
Sorry for not explaining it very clearly ? Anyone able to wade through all that enough to give me a definitive answer ? Thanks in advance !
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