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Default A Perfect Day at Lake Ann Mt Baker, Sep 19

A cool clear sunny day off. Got to go hiking. "How about Lake Ann?", suggested greyowl. Yes! I had been to Mt Baker only once before and was itching to get back there.

This day was a success in many ways. There were zero cars in front of us at the border crossing, we encountered few people and no mosquitoes or flies on the trail, and there were lots and lots of blueberries!

oh and there were the views, right from the beginning; greyowl taking pics

me, happy to be away from the city

approaching Lake Ann and down at the lake

one of the many streams

greyowl at the lunch spot and me with the Curtis Glacier on the background

we should go and have a closer look at that glacier...

there is a climbers route to the glacier which we hiked for a about a mile

view of Baker Lake on the way to the glacier

that's better...

finally, some close ups and a raven posing

Can't wait to return.

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