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Default The Stories of clubtread

Based on discussions in another thread I thought I'd start a new one to begin collecting together the stories and highlights from clubtreads long history. I ultimately think it would be good for these to be highlighted on the main page so that newcomers can understand the community here a bit better. It isn't all just Dogs in the Backcountry, Ice Caves and Summit Memorials.

Sometimes you come back from a journey into the mountains with condition updates only and that's awesome, but sometimes people come back with a story. Stories of Tragedy, Success, Overcoming or Succumbing to difficulties.

Sometimes it's the story that draws attention, sometimes it's the lessons learnt, or the information given. Sometimes it's the discussion that follows that leaves a memorable mark.

It's best if this doesn't become a Link List thread. If you feel a thread is worth reading then post a paragraph describing why you think so.

Below I'll highlight some that have stood out for me:

How to befriend The Judge:

Written by RamblingBull, not only is the planning and execution of this trip fascinating but it is exceptionally well written.It never gets bogged down in the details and it kept me enthralled throughout.

The incident at Theta Lake:
First Thread:
Second Thread:
Third Thread:

What can I say, to me this is THE story of Clubtread. Such an amazing account of an accident, the struggle, the rescue and looking forward. Thanks to burnabyhiker and simonc for sharing this account.

The tragedy on Sir Donald:
First Thread:
Second Thread:

I can't even imagine being put in the situation presented in this thread and think Jeffster was and is incredibly brave for sharing it. Lessons can be learned by anyone reading it.

To My Silent Friends:

Harrowing account of what most people imagine as their worst nightmare while out camping. I really appreciate Dragonflymist32 sharing her experience.

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Any one of Just B's adventures would qualify IMHO....
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This is a good one, especially if you read the previous three or four attempts too. Plus the part with the dress and the glove.
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To say nothing of the Grachman quest for Mt Bishop and other things.The following link is just some fun and stuff I put together based on his exploits but his series of trip reports and other threads were well followed on the site for a couple of years. I'll see what else I can find for you, Leigh
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These are a couple of my fav's other than the ones listed above of course.

I enjoyed reading this one and it's five other parts.

Scary stuff.

Two tall tales of men looking to stay in touch with their portality!

This is a good thread idea, but as you said elsewhere, it'd be nice to have some of these stories on the front page, etc.
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