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Lol, interesting & back to the top:

1. Map <s>and compass</s>, and the knowledge of how to use<s> both</s> one
2. <s>Sun protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses,</s> brimmed hat
3. <s>Rain gear and</s> extra clothing
4. <s>Head lamp/flashlight with extra batteries and bulb</s>
5. First aid kit/supplies
6. Pocket knife or Multi-Tool
7. Extra Food (in addition to your lunch/planned meals)
8. <s>Extra water and means of </s> water treatment
9. Fire starter (for emergency use)
10. <s>Emergency shelter (tarp, poncho, tube tent)</s>Tent

Maybe I live on the edge, when out away from civilization Except for extra socks and decent boots A good knife and some rope.

Finally, a good attitude and gone for a month

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