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Default Outdoor Club for kids aged 9-19 - Langley area

Hi All,

I am the Leader of Glen Valley 4-H Club and our 4-H club is offering Outdoor Living this year. 4-H isn't just a farm thing anymore!!! We are based in Langley and have meetings the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month except July and August. We meet at Harmsworth Hall - 7170 232nd St Langley (across from the Chevron) @ 6:45 pm.

The kids are put into units based on their ages at the beginning of the year and must complete the unit objectives through out the year. They will also be able to attend fairs with their record books and displays. 4-H's motto is "learning to do by doing" which means the kids must be responsible for completing these objectives themselves or with little assistance.

Ages 9 to 11 - Unit I - Exploring the Outdoors
At least two different optional activities are to be selected from Group A and one from Group B each year a member is enrolled in this Unit. In addition a record book is to be completed and exhibited on Achievement Day.

Group A
1) Prepare two meals on a tin can stove.
2) Pack a lunch and go on a day hike.
3) Learn the basic principles of First Aid, and make a small First Aid Kit.
4) Build a campfire and prepare a meal using tin foil or stick cookery.
5) Use edible wild plants or fruits in two different dishes.
6) Learn the safe way of opening a jack knife, cleaning it and sharpening it. Give a demonstration on what you have learned.
7) Make a display of common camp craft knots.
8) Lay and follow a trail in the outdoors using "tracking signs".

Group B
1) Learn to identify three-five different kinds of birds found locally. A detailed description of each is to be included
in the record book.
2) Go on one or more hikes of at least one mile and make a record of all the wildlife and signs of wildlife seen. Tell
other club members about the animals and birds found and explain how they live.
3) Make a display of at least ten different edible wild plants and/or berries.
4) Collect and press at least ten different wild flowers found in your local area.
5) Display at least 10 different plants that grow naturally in marshes or bogs.
6) Identify at least five native trees common to your area. A detailed description of each is to be included in your Record Book. Collect and press leaf samples, etc.

Ages 12 to 14 - Unit II - Living with Nature
Each member is to select at least two options from Group A and two options from Group B. A record book is also to be completed and exhibited on Achievement Day.

Group A
1) Learn to pitch a tent.
2) Build and use a reflector oven. Serve a product from the oven to at least one other person.
3) Study the parts and use of a compass.
4) Prepare a meal of fish or wild game out-of-doors.
5) Learn and show other club members and leaders the safe use of a hand axe, as well as how to sharpen the axe.
6) Prepare a meal over a Hunter (Trapper) fire.
7) Use a topographic map in planning a route for a hike.
8) Explain to your club leader how you would find your way without a compass or map.
9) Build a lean-to-shelter using spruce bough or other natural materials and sleep in it overnight.

Group B
1) Make a cast of at least two animal tracks.
2) Build a bird feeder and keep an account of the birds that use it.
3) Observe the habits of at least one wild animal and record observations in the record book.
4) Develop a life history on at least one species of wildlife.
5) Collect at least ten different insects found in a local forest area. Determine whether each is harmful or beneficial
to shrubs and trees. If harmful find out the most effective method of control.
6) Name your own option (leader must first approve it).

Ages 15 & up - Unit III - Survival In The Wilderness
Each member is to select two options from Group A and one option from Group B. In addition a record of all project activities is to be compiled and exhibited on Achievement Day,

Group A
1) Make a pack rig and use it on an overnight hike.
2) Build a winter camp shelter and sleep in it overnight.
3) Prepare an outdoor meal during winter.
4) Make a survival kit.
5) Learn how to snare a small animal.
6) Make your own snowshoes.
7) Name your option (to be approved by club leader).

Group B
1) Build a plant terrarium.
2) Collect specimens of 20 native trees, shrubs and/or herbaceous plants that are a source of food for wildlife.
3) Press and label each, giving common name, scientific name, location, parts of plant eaten for food and species of wildlife which uses the plant for food.
4) Photograph wildlife and make a scrapbook. Include a description of habitat and food for each animal.
5) Make a collection of deer jaws, showing age differences.
6) Name your option (to be approved by club leader).

The other part of the 4-H program focuses on leadership and communciations. The kids run the meetings with members elected at the beginning of year for President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. They also must keep a record book for their hikes, and any unit requeirements. Kids are required to perform at least one communications acitivity a year (speech, demonstration, education display or speak and show). As kids get older there are travel/exchange opportunites as well as the abiltiy to earn Grade 11 & 12 high school credits and scholarships.

I know this is alot to take in, so I invite you and your child to attend our meeting night with any questions.

[email protected]
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Wow! That sounds like a fantastic program - lucky kids! Good for you for setting it up. I wish you all the best success.
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If I had chilluns theyd been in this program, i'm a strong believer in outdoor education for kids, builds character. Good on ya for organising it.
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