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Ni Jin 02-10-2021 05:09 PM

Great Wall traverse... anyone???
Have been dreaming about a traverse for sometime & would like to have companies from time to time, for a few weeks or months, if not the entire journey.

Just throw out an idea as I'm not sure when or whether it's going to happen at all. But if you have thought about it & are keen in making it happen, PM me & lets make a plan.

I'd connect with the local, setup checkpoints, & get food or other supplies along the way.

zeljkok 02-10-2021 09:57 PM

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Except that it won't be safe or even feasible to travel internationally anytime soon, this looks like a great adventure. I've hiked many iconic trails around the world, but never been to China. Thought it was mostly tourist gong-show like Machu Picchu, but after bit of searching around learned whole thing takes like 18 months (!!!). Also camping on the wall is allowed and frequently done + there are some really rough sections. This is reasonably good read to start with

Nice pic, taken from here
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So many fantastic places to see and experience in this world, only if people would be bit smarter

Ni Jin 02-11-2021 03:32 PM

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Glad you don't consider it too outlandish. Yes it'd certainly take time, my wild guesstimate at this point is that it'd be done in 12~15 months- it's only 5500miles after all.

Some did in 17months. Others claimed 5-6 months which I suspect not for the entire thing.

I've been to most of the sections near Beijing, some more than a few times. Badaling is a crazy zoo (only an hour bus from Beijing) but in some other sections you'd be pretty much hanging out with yourself or your own group. Attached was taken from Jinshanling.

It's endless ridge walking if you like that kind of thing, & mostly away from the crowd. For one thing, no fancy navigation gear is required as it'd be hard to get lost:) For another, you'd experience the diversity of China's landscape, the people & culture as you go through the villages.

Ni Jin 02-12-2021 10:31 AM

.....deleting this;)

Ni Jin 02-17-2021 10:57 AM

Further investigation suggests that 5-6months is doable even by mortal like myself, for the existing structure of the main wall that was most recently built or rebuilt in Ming dynasty, from Shanhaiguan (east) to Jiayuguan(west) measuring 8851km, which is what people commonly refer to as the Great Wall of China today. The total length would be 21,200kms if adding other sections that were built in different dynasties, some branching off the main wall with dead end or in a loop, others standing in isolation.

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