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Hittin' the Trails
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Default Looking for an experienced hiker/photographer

Hi there

A bit of background info..

I'm new to the region and have completely fallen in love with the outdoors again after 10+ years of mostly chasing money and working on my computer. I've done very well but what is money without following your true passions? I'm ready for a new chapter and I am ready to let go of the security of a "real job" and carve myself a career out of what I love doing the most: being in nature and doing photography. It's scary but it feels right and it's bleepin exciting to know what I was meant to do.

Whatever I end up doing, I need to get out there as much as possible hiking, backpacking, climbing, kayaking and doing photography. I just want to bite into all that as deep as I can and see where it leads me.

While my wife enjoys hiking, she isn't the type to go out for days and grind it out for hours with a heavy backpack and she doesn't enjoy the challenges of rough terrain as much as I do. My plan has been that I will just do it alone and go out there and do it solo and grow into all of this myself, but it would be much more enjoyable, safer and rewarding if I could find another "dude" out there who enjoys the same things I do, as much as I do.

Who I am..

I'm 32 years old and currently I am an online poker player, coach and investor. I have 2 golden retrievers (one of them is an expert scout and adores hiking, he might come along!) Small build but fit and with a heart bigger than his body. I'm a solid, mature, reliable and honest person that is easy to get along with. I love learning. I'm the type of person that likes having a few but very good and close friends. I joke around a lot but I am serious when I need to be. I'm very much an environmentalist and spiritually attuned.

Experience wise I have been doing photography as a hobby for a number of years. Still lots to learn. I was a graphic designer/artist for 10 years doing freelance work so I have a very good creative eye and understand composition/colors/mood/etc naturally. Good gear. I'll gladly share some of my shots with you to see where I am at.

Who I am looking for..

While a lot of the post here are about finding a one-off hiking partner, I am looking more for a mentor that has a lot of experience with backcountry survival, hiking and photography and won't mind taking me under his wing and sharing his experience with me and will enjoy pushing me further. I want to go out on multi-day adventures often and my schedule is whatever I want it to be. I can go off on 12 hours notice. There's no place I don't want to go explore. Hiking across Alaska, backcountry camping in BC's remote areas, kayak-camping-hopping islands, waking up at 5am to take pictures.. I'm game and hungry for all of it.

Hopefully someone out there with the right attributes connects with this and shoots me a message, perhaps it could be the start of some great adventures in the wild!
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Headed for the Mountains
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High on the Mountain Top
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Get in touch with Packrat on this forum. Steve is great in the bush, single fella so he can travel without hassles at home, is his own boss and loves his photography as well.
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Hittin' the Trails
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I am a outdoor nut, have done solo backpacking in the Rockies twice. I am a software specialist, but a serious photographer. I love going in the wilderness, and I love photography. However, I live in Ottawa, so I only make it to the Rockies once a year. But, if we plan it we can meet up for a backpacking/photography trek sometime. I am planning on doing the Brazeau loop end of August.
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Headed for the Mountains
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Do you have an email address? Where are you located?
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Headed for the Mountains
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Add some contact info to your profile please. You'd be shocked by some of our similarities.
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Join few trips, see if you click with anyone. Both clubs will let you come few times along before they will ask you to become a member. There are no specialized photography trips but if you like taking photos of people in nature you will have lots of opportunities.

Lots of people do this, they are active for few months, then they find someone they get along with and disappear from the radar, doing their own trips.

Good luck!

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Hittin' the Trails
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Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the lack of email in my profile. When I try adding it I get errors and I don't know how to get around it. I used an email masker to hide my email but if you'd like to get in touch with me you can do so here: [email protected]

I am located in North Vancouver.

@Runningclouds - Thanks for the links, looks interesting
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