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Off the Beaten Path
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As we expected, the weather determined our fate
I don't feel this deserves it's own report, so I'll just add a few notes here:

The drive in took a lot longer than I anticipated: over 3hrs. The East Harrison road was terrible – hard to drive above 35kph. Cogburn Creek FSR was a bit better, but at the 12km mark, a large washout was too much for Walkies' Jeep to negotiate. We weren't able to drive as far as planned, so we continued on foot from there up the Charles Creek FSR 6 kms to it's end, just below Urquhart. The weather up was promising and we thought we might just be allowed to summit: we could see the top of the ridge and our route up the col. By this point, the snowshoes were on and we stopped for a moment to fuel up before the bushwhack began. We knew that the clouds behind us had followed us up the valley and soon the ones on the ridge began descending rapidly while starting to release rain, then soon snow, on us.

There wasn't much point getting on the ridge in the clouds if we can't see where we're going, then where to later descend. I figure continuing would have added no more than 4 hours return. So we rapidly returned down the valley in the snow, then rain. I found the conditions that began so promising, absolutely miserable. Drenched and cold, we arrived back at 2pm.

I'll return with my mountain bike to save a few hours (Charles Crk FSR was in great shape, save a big rockslide) and with a much earlier start (we spent more than 6 hrs driving to/from and <5hrs hiking). I'll also look for much better weather. Hopefully I'll get a chance sometime soon. What I did like about the trip, beyond now having a good understanding of the terrain/route, was meeting Walkies & Too Many Canyons. Thanks for driving Bob! You did a masterful job with that damn road!
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Off the Beaten Path
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As we drove east there was some promise of good weather. After some time trodding along we got this sight of our initial goal - the ridge leading to Urquhart. The reasonable weather lasted until we stoopped to fuel up at 1:30. Eating my sandwich in the rain I looked up and less than 50 metres up the clearcut it was snowing. The ceiling was definately dropping and had been doing so for an hour or so. turning back was an easy call.

Of not in this area were a number of waterfalls of which this was one: . I'm sure there's other pictures to come but that's all for now.

PS Beautiful country, definately worth a return visit.

Cheers, Bob.
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Good effort guys.We were thinking and talking about you guys a few times today as weather was moving about.Bummer about conditions.Do you have any pics of the road damage? Wondering if it is repairable or beyond fixing.
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High on the Mountain Top
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The washout was one we could have probably worked ourselves with a little extra time and some spare shovels, AT. However, not far up the Charles Creek road were a pair of small slides that were a little more serious. A decent sized cat would make short work of them in a day, and I suspect some kitted-up ORVs might try them with a little gardening, but definitely not something we could try even if we had gotten through the washout. As it was, getting to this point might have saved us 15 minutes or so.

Beautiful country for a logging road walk, though!
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Nice effort. Glad to hear that you had fun, in spite of the rain. In the right conditions the climb will be a very cool thing to do.
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Congratulations for getting out there in spite of the lousy weather. It sounds like you had a good reconnaissance mission: a good way to spend a rainy day. If the waterfalls are any indication, I guess there is some pretty challenging terrain where you were.
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Nice reconnWould've done the same,like you said,if you can't see where you were going....?Last time I was on the East Harrison Rd,I was passing some vehicles while on my mountain bike.When it rains there,it REALLY rains there!
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High on the Mountain Top
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I figured you'd have a go at it Dean, what with the expiration of your Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card today. Good job! Like I said, though, it took us longer to drive to the trailhead last year than it did to climb to the summit.
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