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Default Patagonia vs. the rest

So Patagonia carries a pretty heavy price tag for what you are getting. Really, I dont mind. The company has environmental commitments, which I love, and the comments here say the clothes themselves are fantastic. So paying a premium price for a great jacket from a truly responsible company is okay by me! But the one thing that kills me, the one thing that has stopped me from buying anything from Patagonia so far, is that damn MADE IN CHINA stamp.

So what's better? MEC's (or whoever) Made In Canada or Patagonia's Made In China. Materials for MEC's stuff probably comes in from overseas, but that's one trip and it's made here. If Patagonia's stuff is made in China, and some of it contains recycled materials from old clothes, that means that the stuff had to be shipped to China, made there, and then shipped back. I know if Patagonia was made here the stuff would cost a ridiculous amount but still. Anyway, I'm torn, because i want to really buy a Patagonia jacket...
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