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Default Fraser River Kayaking: Hope to Pacific

Have any ClubTreaders kayaked from Hope to the Pacific?

How long would it take a reasonably fit, semi-experienced kayaker?

Recommended put-in point at Hope?

Any must-sees along the journey?

Any thoughts and tips very appreciated.
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Oooh thats sounds pretty cool. I'm no great kayaker, so no real advice. But i'd love to see that TR! I feel like a go pro cam could be cool for this as you don't often stop and snap photos while kayaking, at least typically don't.
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never seen anyone post a trip

try searching west coast paddler or post in the forum
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I've only kayaked from the Agassiz-Rosedale bridge to west Chilliwack. That was about 16 km. in under 2 hours. The views from the river are nice. Stay away from the confluence of the Harrison River, there's a nasty whirlpool there.
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We've paddled in a canoe from Yale to the Agassiz bridge and then from Chilliwack to the Mission Bridge. It's big water with fast and tricky sections - large whirlpools, etc. I have been told that there a some large standing waves at the Harrison River confluence and if you paddle through there you want to be on river left. Headwind can often be a problem on the Fraser as well.

You definitely would not want to be paddling it now with all the debris floating downstream. I would wait until the water levels lower, probably later in the summer or in the fall. The Dogwood Canoe Club usually paddle this section around Easter, before the spring run-off starts. I think the Dogwood Club takes a long weekend to travel from Hope to the Mission Bridge.

For your put in there is access to the Fraser River along Wardle Street in Hope.

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Huge thanks, Blucruisin and Mr B! A September adventure.

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i've done it hope to ft langely, big slog after the current drops near Sumas mtn, no whirlpools when i did it, they come and go, remember seeing a big one from Agassi mtn hwy/hill one year. might want to scope out likley spots first.
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canoed from Hope to Agazzis in an Ocean kayak when the Fraser was NOT in flood stage. no problems if you know how to kayak. Also had two person canoes in the group and they had no problems either. Small whirlppools, boils, sometimes a bit faster water. Right outside Hope at the put in ( near bridge ) were some waves.. you can see them from the highway/put in.

Harrison Lake to Richmond ... some smaller waves at the harrison/fraser confluence... didn't come across/remember a standing wave so you probably can avoid it if there is one.

Did it in large Voyager canoes with 10 people in it Note.. after Mission the Fraser becomes tidal and you will have to paddle... we were lucky as the tides were in our favor. It's a long paddle.

I'm not a white water kayaker but feel comfortable on water and moderate current/ waves ( class II w occ class III ) small whirlpools and boils, eddying in/out of currents.

As for sights... nothing in particular ...just the usual riverfront industry, animals
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this would be a fun one - count me in!
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I'd consider doing it in a jet boat, however I will just wait to read the report []

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I paddled from Hope to Fort Langley last week. I enjoyed the trip. Here's a few notes:

-The first 10kms from Hope had some rough water and strong winds. Nothing crazy... but I don't have river experience and it was enough to get the adrenaline going.
-Low waters levels meant large gravel bars on either side of the river. Lots of nice places to pull over and have a snack or take a photo.
-First night I camped on an island near Agassiz. Bears definitely frequent this area when salmon are in season.
-From Agassiz onward all sorts of smells in the air. Mostly smelled like animal manure.

All together I enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. I posted some photos at
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We paddled Hope-Burnaby in late August 2014 in ocean kayaks.

Note that the water levels are low in late summer when we paddled (gauge levels can be found at the end of my blog post). During spring run-off or in mid summer the reach between Hope and Agassiz would be very exciting. Even at low water there are a few whirlpools in this section but we are used to paddling whitewater so they didn't disturb us. Further downstream wind can be a problem as the inflow often picks up in the afternoons. The river flow really slows down above Mission. Near Golden Ears bridge it may even reverse if the tide is coming in. Downstream of Golden Ears bridge the river is very busy with working traffic and care needs to be taken not to get in the way. Doing this in 1.5 days was a bit of a grunt. Would be better to allot 3 days/2 nights.

We also did another interesting trip circumnavigating Nicomen Island but the sloughs need relatively high water to be navigable and at these higher levels the Fraser becomes more challenging to paddle even in the reach between mouths of Harrison River and Nicomen slough. Not recommended for beginner paddlers.
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Yesterday I paddled Fort Langley to Vancouver (took out at river district park). A very enjoyable and mellow paddle. Highly recommended! I love passing under the bridges!
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I'm lazy and after after the Harrison the loss of meaningful current means you actually have to paddle. Beware the Harrison/Fraser junction though, danger!

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Bump 2019!

Looking to paddle our canoes this coming long weekend if all goes according to plan. Have a couple questions concerning the logistics which are kind a problematic at this point. If we can't get a friend or two to drive our vehicles back from Wardle Road in Hope where it seems the best launch site is then a lonnng shuttle is in store for Monday. Hoping it doesn't come to that. Anyhow, anyone know if overnight parking is permitted at the Wardle Rosd beach launch site? Also, wondering about leaving a shuttle vehicle overnight at Burnaby's Foreshore Park should it come to a shuttle set up?


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