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At least we don't have the likes of roundabouts at Arc de Triomphe in Paris []
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quote:Originally posted by Shadee

The thing I don't like about those 'traffic calming' roundabouts (while I agree, I prefer them to a stop-sign when cycling) is that I see so many people turn left without going around the roundabout, as in, they cut the corner instead, technically heading into oncoming traffic should anyone be coming from their left. I have been in too many "near misses" when on a bicycle, by motorists that do this.
I stare at them with my jaw dropping to the pavement when they do this; they probably wonder what my problem is but hopefully some of them will clue in that they've done something wrong.
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[quote]quote:Originally posted by wilderness_seeker

Originally posted by Shadee

The thing I don't like about those 'traffic calming' roundabouts (while I agree, I prefer them to a stop-sign when cycling) is that I see so many people turn left without going around the roundabout
Yes. The worst I had was another cyclist! I was travelling downhill, at the bottom of a steepish hill, so at some speed (W 10th again). At the last second a bike comes from my left into my path. He was actually going straight ie. to my right, but for some bizarre reason decided to go round the roundabout the wrong way!!! It was over before I even could take the scene in, and VERY close.

I remember when they first implemented the "double mini-roundabouts" in the UK. There is one near my parents, and even after probably 15-20 years some people are still confused. I would say mini-roundabouts there have never been popular (and now they often put speed bumps in on sideroads to control speed). And honestly, getting off one roundabout straight onto another is asking for trouble.

Too funny, I just googled "Upton mini roundabout" (the internet scares me sometimes) and found this site which references the double mini roundabout near my parents (and apparently the experts love it):

"One of the earliest schemes at Upton Cross in Dorset was similar, installed in 1970 on the (then) A35/A350 intersection previously controlled by traffic signals. The double mini-roundabout always ensures better deflection than a single mini-roundabout. In any case the latter at such a crossroads would fail with drivers making the acute right turns unable to pass to the correct side of the island. Designers should not be afraid to use designs like this; they are particularly effective and very safe."

There is a huge roundabout in my home town. It was originally just Give Way. Then it was traffic lights. Then it was a roundabout. Now it is a roundabout with traffic lights on the roundabout that only come on during rush hour (actually they work well when there is large volumes, and at least it avoids anyone having to decide who to give way to, although I have say it's always "give way to the right" there so apart from odd tourist going the wrong way around the roundabout rarely too many problems).

I digress. I think maybe the issue here is there aren't any (that I know of, although someone mentioned it here), BIG roundabouts. Or NORMAL size roundabouts. The ones designed not to slow us down but to keep traffic moving. What we need here, is PRACTICE. These little ones are harder to negotiate simply because it's more likely for multiple people to "enter" at the same time.

As a cyclist, I just proceed with severe caution because frankly, every car does something different. All I know is, whatever they do it seems to slow things down. But I guess that is what they are trying to do...
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