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Default Month in Rain Forest New Zealand and Australia

I am going on a field study in New Zealand and Australia. I will be going during their winter. I am seeking advice on the best sleeping bag to take. It will be humid but will get cold at night. I have no clue what the best sleeping bag for this excursion would be. I am seeking advice from those that can share! Thank you in advance for your time.
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Might help to specify the geo-climates where you will be staying. Dry air prevails in the Outback during the winter, mountains in South Island NZ good chance of snow. Hikers on the Te Araroa seem to use both types.
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Depending on where you're landing first, the Kiwis make some pretty good gear—Macpac and Fairydown, for example—although it might be a little pricey now due to the exchange rate.
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Are you hiking in or do you have a vehicle to carry gear? Are you using a personal tent or a large tent with a heater? Either way, while the consensus is that while synthetics are usually warmer than Down when wet, a wet sleeping bag is still a wet sleeping bag and wet synthetic bags are still miserable. The more important factor is the quality of your tent, as I have been using Down for years on the wet west coast of BC. If you take care of your camp and your sleeping bag, you can keep Down dry. My sleeping bag has its own drybag and only comes out inside the tent or if the weather outside allows for airing out.
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As they are saying above you need to be a bit more specific about where in OZ and NZ you are going to be and what you will be sleeping in [tents, huts etc] before any useful advise can be offered.
I live in NZ, South Island, and I think I could say that most here would agree that a Down Bag is superior, especially so if you will be carrying it on your back. Personally I couple mine with a light bivi bag which gives it weather protection as I generally sleep under a tarp. I also use a sleeping bag liner to both protect the bag from my mucky self and to boost it's thermal rating [a bivi bag helps here too by adding about 5 deg C to the bags rating]. If you're camping out in Australia's tropical north then clearly my system will be over kill - you'd only want a very light sleeping bag or maybe the sleeping bag liner and a blanket.
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