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Default Low-GI Backcountry Meals? (Low Glycemic Index)

Iíve been having issue with sinus and joint inflammation for the last couple of years and recently discovered that my diet was the cause. Despite eating generally healthy, it turns out that a lot of my staples (and favourites) are high glycemic index foods. Iíve recently been trying to switch to a Low-GI diet and itís been pretty tough.. but Iím doing a bunch of backpacking treks this summer and I know it is going to be even harder to eat Low-GI in the backcountry.

Does anyone know of any good prepackaged Low-GI meals that you can get at MEC, Camperís Village, etc? Or do you have any good recipes for Low-GI meals that are easy to make and clean up in the backcountry? I generally try to stick to meals that are one pot and, if possible, that you can just pour hot water into the bag/your bowl instead of cooking it in the pot. But if itís a good Low-GI meal, Iíd be willing to have to clean a pot.

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I have been trying to find options that are lower carb and I am not a fan of pre-packaged meals. I purchase bulk dehydrated black and pinto beans and lentils which are lower GI (more fibre and protein, still a carb but doesn't make my blood sugar spike) and incorporate those into my meals. There are "ramen" type noodles you can get at Costco that are whole grain millet and rice, so a little better on the GI scale as well. I also add butter or olive oil to most meals to balance out the carbs. Not a perfect scenario but I can tell it makes a difference for me. And jerky, salami, cheese, I always bring along as well. Good luck!
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Change your breakfast?
Whole wheat pasta, there are dried sauces from Knorr, cheese or tomato, maybe including sugar I don't know. You have to boil the pasta but if you take less water you can just add the sauce at the end in one pot.
Planet Organic has some dehydrated - or freeze dried - soups, don't know whether the corn chowder would be good, at least it tastes good, make sure to get some corn. There is lentil soup as well - a bit bland, add some spices or vegetables, but satisfying.

Lentil and bean meals from Backpacker's Pantry, Katmandu Curry, Louisiana Red Beans and rice (there's sugar in it)

Maybe Seeds of Change, sometimes available at Walmart, I like the Indian version with chick peas the most. Maybe add some kind of soup. It is heavier because it contains water already - but I guess for 4-5 days it's manageable to add two of these for variety.

Okay, just learned that corn is maybe not the best idea.

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Scaling New Heights
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Thanks you guys!
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I eat Low-GI. On backpacks, I take PC or Uncle Bens Parboiled Whole Grain Brown Rice (250g pack) and for vegetables, I mail order freeze-dried broccoli and corn (Nutristore brand). I just boil water and let everything soak for about 5-10 minutes. Forget the carrots; they take longer to cook.
About your joint inflammation; probably due to your high-glycemic diet since it is pro-inflammatory and so is eating meat. Faulty diet can also cause dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome which leads to systemic inflammation.
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