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Default Breakfast, Now im patty form

We all know that breakfast is the most imporant meal of a day, and anything but oatmeal can become cumbersome, and take valuble time. But, we all know that six or seven days with Mr.Quaker can end badly. So here is something that a buddy and I came up with one day; Ingrediants
- Cartoned breakfree eggs
- Hashbrowns, or if you have time a patatoe
- Vegatarian Bacon ( I dunno what its called we call it facon'bacon)
- Bagels
- Cheese
- anything else you wanna carry in
This works best if you have a non-stick frying pan, but first start by making your hashbrowns, if you have the patatoe, cut it into thin strips. Fry these up, and then while they are cooking toss the bacon in to warm it up, once these are done, transfer them to a pot and put a lid on it. Now crack open those cartoned eggs and begin to fry them. While they are still runny add in the hashbrowns. Cook as you would scrambled egss untill they are not as "lose" then throw in some cheese and whatever else you have. I normelly carry a large chunk of garlic sausage that I cover in ducttape and it stays good for 2 or 3 days. I add chunks of this, also on less difficult trips were weight wasn't and option I have seen peppers added to these, along with mushrooms and other vegtables. Now the eggs should still be loose enough for you to form them into omlett like pattys, fry these up. Once these are done grab a bagel, spread some cream cheese on it if you would like, put the patty on and then put the facon'bacon on top cover and enjoy. I would recomend salt for the eggs, and the cheese is important. They can be really bland

Sure a stitch in time saves nine but duct tape takes 9 seconds
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I've modified the recipy slightly now. Its good if you cut the potatoe into small cubes, fry those, put in a few eggs (you can use the cartoned ones, but I tried them and found it disgusting). Cook that all as one mass of gunk and the eggs will solidify and hold the potatoe together. Put the patty on a begal with some cheese and pepperoni and enjoy. It seems like a lot of work, but its a great meal that'll give you lots of energy for the day to come.

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peperoni losses out to the facon bacon' of course I can just but both on and win

Sure a stitch in time saves nine but duct tape takes 9 seconds
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