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Kris14 07-30-2018 12:18 AM

Damp feeling in down bag
Hey guys. I'm sure this has been touched on somewhere. I have a marmot down bag and my son has a north face synthetic bag. I have noticed lately my bag always has a sight damp feel to it. We have never camped in much rain, and the little bit that it did, did not get in our tent. The tent is well ventilated so not much condensation is in the tent in the morning. I know synthetic is better if they get wet but I can't ever remember the down bag getting wet. I always gag it at home when we're down as wlll. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.

Lythe 07-30-2018 03:23 AM

I noticed when I slept in my hammock, there was always a bit of dampness between me and the sleeping pad in the morning (synthetic bag). I use my sleeping bag as a quilt in tents so the same moisture from my perspiration wouldn't necessarily get trapped in the bag underneath me. Foam pads and inflatable mattresses don't breathe like the mattress at home on your bed. I generally air out my sleeping bag when I get home, and if it's sunny then during the day on longer trips. Don't underestimate perspiration, and a well ventilated tent is not the same as hanging your bag in the open in direct sunlight with airflow all around. I use a Marmot 0* and an MEC -7* bag, both down.

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