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Default Non freestanding tents in the Rockies

I?m looking into a new 2 person backpacking tent for next season and have focussed on a few models (the MSR Carbon Reflex 2, and Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2). I prefer the two door, two vestibule design of the MSR, but am somewhat hesitant that it?s not freestanding. I know there are times I?ve had trouble staking things down in the Rockies before. Anyone have have experience with these?
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We used the Fast Stash for many years until the zipper broke and that was also not freestanding. I really liked that tent.

There are times when you can't get a tent peg into the ground. In those cases, you need to grab a rock or a log. It's not as convenient as a freestanding tent but it never caused me too much grief. Bring a little extra string in case you need to make a longer run.

One issue with the Fast Stash is that is used your hiking poles as the poles so you needed to make it flat each day. If you weren't careful, you could get into trouble in a rainstorm.

I haven't used the Carbon Reflex 2 so I can't speak to how much force the pegs need to hold for that tent. Less is better obviously.

Edit: I should add that when the Fast Stash broke, we replaced it with the BIG AGNES FLY CREEK HV PLATINUM 2 TENT this past summer and we've been happy with that tent and I'm not complaining about never having to worry about pegging it down anymore.

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No experience with either of those tents but an idea for pegging problems.

I attach a 4'-6' length of paracord to the tieouts.
Long enough to reach better staking ground and/or long enough to tie around rocks and such.

I pretty much have cord on every tieout.
It gives me options (put two together for extra long reach) and extra cordage for other chores because you never need all of them.
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I use tarptents for backpacking (less freestanding than your tents) and that has never stopped me from pitching them. I agree with extra cordage, and have used rocks many a time
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I have never used anything but a non freestanding tent in the Rockies. One still needs to stake a freestanding tent down and my experience is that many non freestanding shelters are much stronger in the wind than freestanding (i.e. pyramid design).
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Hello. I have basically ignored the whole freestanding / non freestanding argument for decades; as I ALWAYS stake down my tent ! My tent is a Norwegian 'tunnel tent' and is not free standing. I have never had any problem staking it properly in the Canadian Rockies. Mind you, I don't use those tiny little DAC stakes it came with. I use a mix of after-market stakes for all my tents. The four main corners get very long 9 inch Coughlan Y-stakes (the orange ones); while all six of the fly guylines get 8 inch Easton nail pegs (the gold ones). Never had an issue....
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