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Default Arc’Teryx just entered the hiking boot market

They have a shoe with a bootie in it. Discuss.

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Initial reviews have been less than positive. I would gladly test a pair but the price is redonkulous......
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This guy gave a relatively positive review. His reviews tend to be decent. I personally am a little sceptical because the Arc'teryx marketing machine is a little too aggressive for my tastes, but they have had some really great products in the past, so who know.

FamilyGuy, can you link to any of the critical reviews? I often find those more insightful than the positive ones.
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I was in Valhalla the other day looking at shoes and tried the Arc'teryx shoe/boot on out of curiousity. Incredibly uncomfortable. I was trying to figure out it's intended use.

Darn it, I guess my head to toe deadbird outfit will not be completed after all.

After reading the review, my initial opinion might be hasty, but still, I like things to fit well immediately. Seems expensive for an initially clunky boot.

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i noticed these too , kinda odd, the outer is rubbery and waterproof looking but there's no tongue so whats the point? PLUS dirt and rocks will get in !!

kudos for something new ,but,,,,,,

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I initially thought they might be cool for longer backpacking trips when you want something a bit more substantial than a trail runner, but don't want to deal with soggy boots the entire time. Being able to bring the liner into your sleeping bag overnight to dry out definitely holds some appeal.

But they didn't bother making the model with a removable liner for women so that's it for me. The non-removable version seems to lose any of the benefits I saw this boot possibly having - can't remove to dry, can't use as camp shoes, can't swap between the summer and winter liner, can't replace the liner when it wears out, etc.
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