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Default Quilt?

After dayhiking in BC for a few years I've decided to start spending some nights in the mountains, so I'm looking at buying some reasonably light, not horrifically expensive camping gear.

Reading about the options makes me tempted to buy a quilt rather than a mummy bag, for a couple of reasons really:

- first, it seems as though that it'll be more adaptable for a range of temperatures than a mummy bag (mostly June-October, SW BC, potentially up to around 2000 metres)

- secondly, that it seems possible to buy a lightweight, well-made quilt for much less than a comparable bag (in particular the RevelationX quilt from http://www.enlightenedequipment.com/ seems like an amazing deal, and lots of people seem to like it)

The main drawback seems to be that in much colder weather a mummy would be warmer, and I could see that. And that if your mummy has a full-length zipper, you can just use it like a quilt anyway. But a lot of the lightweight mummy bags don't seem to have full-length zippers.

But I haven't seen much chat about quilts on this forum, and the proper gear nerds here (you know who you are seem to prefer bags. I understand that this kind of thing is quite a personal choice but still, I'd love to know what people think: do you use a bag? Have you tried a quilt? Was it delightful, or did you want your mummy?
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I've been using this for quite a few years now for Summer/Spring/Fall camping - http://www.cascadedesigns.com/therm-...lanket/product - I really like it, packs small, is warm enough for me (I'm a hot sleeper), and allows for a range of options.
I have the thermarest cover that it snaps to as well, so if it gets cold enough and I want to "seal" it up, it's a matter of snapping it down and it's a fairly nice barrel bag at that point.
If I was going to replace it with another quilt, I like the looks of this one - http://www.nemoequipment.com/product/?p=Muse+Duvet+40
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Personally, I like a bag because I sleep very very very very cold.
I want to be sure there is continuous warmth with no cracks.
I would be interested in a bag that had the down to to just barely under you, then a sleeve for a sleeping pad (large enough to take a Neo) to fill the bottom.
But the only ones I've seen do that are Big Agnes, and BA doesn't make a short version. They have a 'women' version of some bags that are 5'8", but that's still 4" of useless for me. Also they don't have really high-end bags there.

So I have a nice short WM bag with down on its bottom.
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Wife and I have been rocking the MEC Viator quilt for a couple seasons now. Last July up at Cathedral Provincial park it was more than enough to keep us warm and cozy. It's good for both of us in a tent until around 5*C. Much cooler and it's nice to have another layer. We've used it primarily in southern BC and found it to be far superior to a sleeping bag during the summer season.
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Thanks for your answers! It's good to know that nobody came up with any drawbacks to quilts that I wasn't vaguely aware of, so I think that's what it will be.
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