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Default Suggestions for remote Internet access

Next month I will be in a remote BC coastal location for a while & would like to blog while there I.e. access the Internet. (There is cell phone reception + solar powered charging available ) Does anyone have any suggestions on the best (cheapest?) setup?
I do not have a smart phone right now but would consider getting one with a data plan for just the time I am there, if that is a reasonable option.
Any suggestions welcome.
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Look into the Delorme InReach
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If you dont have satellite internet , you can use your smartphone as a modem for your laptop to get internet on laptop. Its fast. You have to find out who the providers are in your area and cost of data plans. Superstore was selling smartphones for $29(prepaid)before christmas but back up to around $79 now. 1000 megabytes a month should be enough. no watching youtube, though.
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Confirming the cell carrier that has coverage (and has data) in that area is the most important task. After that just buy a cheap (used) unlocked smartphone off of eBay or Craigslist and buy a pre-paid SIM for it. Make sure the smart phone can support the frequencies for the carrier in question. Solar charging kits that can charge up a smart phone can be had for < $100 now.

Don't bring a laptop, they require too much power thus the solar panels for them will be big and expensive.
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I must also say try to find out more regarding cell phone coverage. I currently live in an area not serviced by ANY internet providers with the exception of one cell phone company. I have a 6 gig plan on my phone and never come anywhere near using it all. It is not as fast as a cable connection but it's pretty decent.

With the new phones having larger screens you may find you can do everything you need directly from the phone otherwise maybe use the phone as a mobile hot spot for a tablet or lap top. I currently tether when planning to be online for a while and just use my phone for quick facebook checks, email, and of course new news on club tread.

Good luck on your quest!
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Is this work related and can your employer cover the cost?
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Hi all, thanks for your input, this is a volunteer assignment so I would be paying for any extras.. I would bring my IPad & would buy any other gadgets. I had a quick look online at the InReach- it looks great for SOS, tracking, texting, though I don't need it for emergency communication at this time, it would be neat for future potential excursions elsewhere. I mainly want to be able to blog using my IPad - I can upload photos onto the IPad from my camera, I have an app to manipulate them somewhat, then want to post them every couple of days. The solar charger on site is slow & would be used to charge the cell phone as first priority, then any other gadgets. I'll follow up on all suggestions, thanks again !
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